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This is probably one main burning question for anyone looking to jump down the NAS rabbit hole. With the changes happening on the commercial cloud side of things and streaming platforms, it is no wonder that users are moving away from publicly hosted services. It is not just the price hikes but also security and exploits hitting major players in various segments, from password managers, to email providers and general hosting platforms. Continue reading...
Today I install Bookstack on Synology using DOcker COmpose through Portainer. Portainer makes it super easy! First you need to make sure you have Portainer installed on Synology. Piece of cake, just follow this guide below. Sorry for the horrible lighting. I was still figuring things out. Now that Portainer is installed, we need to make a couple folders on our Synology NAS. Create /volume1/docker/boockstack. Then make sure have port 8912 available. If not you will need to change the port in the compose script below. Open Portainer and go to the Stacks page. Create a new stack and name it Bookstack. Then paste this compose script into the editor. --- version: "2" services: bookstack: image: linuxserver/bookstack...
Synology DS224+ vs DS723+ NAS – Which Should You Buy Buying your first network-attached storage device can be really intimidating! If you have spent the better part of a decade storing your personal or business data on public cloud services or in a drawer full of USB drives, but have now taken the grown-up decision to go ahead and migrate over to your own private network-attached storage (NAS). You might have done this for reasons of cost, centralization or perhaps for security, whatever the reason for your data migration, there is simply no denying that the world of NAS can be a fraction complex and confusing early doors. Like any kind of modern computer appliance, you want to make sure you buy right the first time and when it comes...
The Seagate Ironwolf Pro 24TB HDD Review Seagate and their Ironwolf series of hard drives have fast become a mainstay of the NAS landscape in a relatively short time, considering their NAS HDD and eventual rebranding to Ironwolf in 2015/2016. In that time they have closed considerable ground on their biggest rival in this field, the WD Red series, and now although the brand first released Ironwolf Pro 20, 22 and now 24TB NAS Hard Drives in the last 18 months, they are now in the process of revising a number of these drives and introducing a new higher durability STX0000NT001 / STX0000NT001 series to join that existing the STX000NE001. These newer class of Prosumer/large-scale storage array NAS hard drives arrive with almost twice the...
As businesses are creating more data than ever before, organizations must be able to maximize storage capacity and store as much data as possible without overspending. This is where data deduplication comes in. By using this technique, redundant data is spotted and eliminated before being backed up. This leads to less storage space being used, […] Continue reading... - - - Source:
How to Make Your Synology 4-Bay NAS Cooler and Quieter in Just 20 Minutes! The appeal of having your very own private cloud space, accessible much more securely and faster than the average third-party cloud service, is undeniable. Purchasing a Synology DS923+, DS423+, DS920+ or DS420+ NAS to centralize all your data, granting true control over who accesses your data, as well as how, when, and where it’s distributed, has long been a desirable alternative to services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Whether you’re a home user or a business user, it’s clear that a NAS comes with its own unique downsides. Two of the most frequently mentioned issues are that the systems can be noisy when in operation, which can become annoying if you’re in...
Are NAS Drives Safe Enough to Use in 2024? Are you a NAS owner? Perhaps you are considering buying a NAS based on a recommendation from a friend, work colleague, IT professional or even myself (Robbie) on YouTube. The appeal of owning your own server, cutting the connection with your subscription cloud providers such as Dropbox or Google drive, having all your data backed up in-house and that feeling of pure control/ownership is hard to underestimate. However, over the last 4-5 years or more, it has been hard to ignore that the brand has suffered a series of security issues surrounding the subject of ransomware – a process whereby your data is encrypted with a unique, near uncrackable cypher and a document (typically a .txt) is left...

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