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Part No. 2 ..... previous Part No. 1 is available here ------------------------------ Nowadays technologies of recording - PMR: The most widespread technology standard for data recording on magnetic media since 2005 is Perpendicular recording (or perpendicular magnetic recording, PMR). Reason = optimized recording layer and W/R heads brought more Areal density = better utilization of the 3.5/2.5“ HDD form factor. Toshiba as first vendor prepared 1.8“ HDD with 133Gb/in2 for PMR based HDD, shortly thereafter Seagate in 2006 created the first commercially available 2.5/3.5“ HDD with PMR. ... the race for more and more Areal density had picked up speed. Picture of PMR principle, sourced from Wikipedia: In 2013, Seagate introduced...
What I do My name is Jan and I work with big multinational corporations in Telco, Utility and Insurance, helping them make their operations better. Not as they’ve always done, differently and better. Behind this phrase lies the research of gaps and understanding of problems through data science; that’s what I do. I look at data from the base point of view as the objective. Too often I encounter inappropriate interpretation of data that leads to incorrect conclusions. Therefore, here too, I often use a series of questions to clearly define the problem. In 2017 I founded my own business. Of course, smaller than the above mentioned companies, but free. Without loans, without dependencies from report-driven watchmen, free from any ailment...
First, some diff names for diff purposes: - TrueNAS Core (FreeNAS) is a community edition - TrueNAS Enterprise - is - TrueNAS SCALE - scale-out storage and hyper-convergence system ... in Alpha development phase now Installation background: Virtualbox at Ubuntu 20.04, i5-4460T CPU @ 4x1.90/2.3GHz shared just 4.6GB RAM (8GB is a minimum) downloaded official last image from TrueNAS Core few minutes for all necessary installation First point - setup: - you can install entire system into separated drive or the defined drive partition, then you can use plenty of backup/restore of them - you can setup all the standard features as you know from Lnx installations (swap, ..) - also root password is here first time defined Second point -...
This blog is not about how you can rid yourself of the need to visit a technician. Or how to tune up your car. It is about, how you can track events/issues that can lead to future or current failure. It is about how you can use your NAS as data aggregation point for you or your technician to analyze remotely. This is achievable in any Car system equipped with: - Apple CarPlay … hard, but achievable - Android Auto … easy or using a custom Android Car radio. Some important notes before we start OBD: On-board diagnostics is an automotive term referring to a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability. OBD give the vehicle owner or repair technician access to the status of the engine control unit (ECU) and the various vehicle...
Part No.1 ------------------------------ Intro: It looks like in April 2020, a specific topic regarding HDDs has become the talk of the town for many forums. The base for this topic are three mysterious letters or rather an acronym called „SMR“ - Shingled magnetic recording. The craze about SMR took such an interesting direction, that it even influenced the people who, in the past, would only look at the price of an HDD as a purchasing condition. Today it seems that the most important question when someone is buying HDD is whether the disc is SMR or not (or thousands derivates of the question based on the SMR sign). Without any deep knowledge of what SMR means at all. „SMR is bad“ - if they see such wording anywhere, it’s done, for...

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