Auto-awarded badges


When your posts are marked as a solution more than 20 times, you will be awarded this badge. Help members to get this badge by marking posts as solutions in question threads.


Publish at least 1 resource in our Resources section and the badge is yours.


Publish at least 1 media in our Media section and the badge is yours.


Spread the word and refer at least 2 people to using your referral link.


Your donations help us to cover the expenses (hosting, maintenance, software renewals fees ...) for and fill our cups with some coffee. A big thank you to all contributors.
Manual-awarded badges

Docker experienced user

Our staff will notice if you are an expert or experienced Docker user and award you with this badge. If we missed you, let us know so you can get it.

Cookie giver

Our forum is also known for giving out cookies. Some users like to give cookies if they find something useful in posts or some other user helped with something. If you justifiably grant cookies, then the badge is yours. To be clear, cookies look like this 🍪 , and only staff can award you with this badge.
Special auto-awarded badges


Earn at least 100 trophy points and you'll be awarded a Trophy badge for this achievement.

Special badge

Get at least 5 badges and this special badge is yours.