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Tutorial Adding a User to the Administrators Group on a Synology Router

I just found this (it bubbled up to the top of Synology Community's articles so to save it from being lost to history I'm linking to it and Josh's website).

If you wanted to have a different admin username than the default 'admin' then the only official way to achieve this has been during initial setup of the router. But if you didn't realise then either you have to reinitialise and start again or live with 'admin'.

Here Josh walks through how to add a new admin user without starting over.

A couple of notes on the SSH step:
  1. the default administrator is 'admin', so if you already had a second admin user and have disabled 'admin' you still use admin's password.
  2. I didn't know this: 'root' user login by SSH is possible even if 'admin' has been disabled ... this is why you really should keep SRM's SSH disabled (which I'm glad I do).
  3. OK not a couple but, as far as I can tell, only 'admin' [or root] can SSH onto SRM.

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