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Authelia - SSO & 2FA portal

Tutorial Authelia - SSO & 2FA portal



In the world of self-hosting and open-source, there are a lot of great solutions, and some of them might not have a strong user authentification protection, or don't have anything at all, let alone the 2FA option.

For those apps and the fact that you could access all those solutions with a unique/same account, you would need a combination of LDAP authentification system as well as some sort of portal that will be in front of your target services that will provide users with the option to log in.

For this case let's talk about Authelia. Advertised as an open-source authentication server that offers single sign-on and two-factor mechanism.

This article will be longer than usual when it comes to setting everything up because there are elements that need to be configured ahead of time before you can start setting up and configuring this solution.

More info on this setup here:

Authelia - SSO and 2FA portal