BookStack - a platform to create documentation/wiki content built with PHP & Laravel

Docker BookStack - a platform to create documentation/wiki content built with PHP & Laravel

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BookStack is a simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform for organising and storing information.

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This tutorial is mostly for newcomers and those that are not so familiar with the Docker. I'm not an expert, but I want to share my installation as a tutorial to help others. Feel free to comment in the discussion section of this resource.

In this tutorial, we are going to use this Docker build for Bookstack: linuxserver/bookstack

Before you start with the installation of this image you need to create a database and user for that database with a password. I use MariaDB and PHPMyAdmin for this, but this is not covered in this tutorial.

Let's begin with the installation:

  1. Go to the Registry tab in your Docker and search for bookstack
  2. Click on linuxserver/bookstack, click the Download button and choose latest build
  3. Wait for the image to download
  4. Go to Image tab and find linuxserver/bookstack. Select it and click on button Launch

Continue in the Container creation wizard and choose Advanced settings.

In the General settings tab set Enable auto-restart.

In the Volume tab click on Add Folder button and create a folder structure in your Docker folder for example docker/bookstack.

Set the Mount path to /config.

In the Port Settings tab change the Local Port to your desired port.

In the Environment tab add these variables and values:

PUID< your userID >
PGID< your groupID >
DB_DATABASE< your database name >
DB_USER< your database user name >
DB_PASS< your database user password >
DB_HOST< your NAS IP >
APP_URL< your full local IP with port or URL (ie. http://yourNASip:yourLocalPort or >
Ok, hit Apply button, wait a minute or two for the database to install everything, then navigate in your browser to http://yourNASip:yourLocalPort and that's it!

The default username is [email protected] with the password of password.

You can access your Bookstack also from outside by using reverse proxy. (How to set up reverse proxy?)
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Latest updates

  1. v0.31

    From version v0.31 new environmental variable is added: APP_URL. Check the overview site for...

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