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Delete Pics by age or folder size 2022-02-11

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I can't take credit for this....
I've been using multiple copies of this script file, running as timed script file for years... running at 3-4AM to delete old pictures by age, and by overall directory size.

You edit the script file:
1. To add the location of the folder the pictures are in: In this case /CAMERAS/DRIVEWAY/
2. You specify The MAXSIZE the folder should be in MB: In this case 50000
3. You specify The MAXDAYS to adjust the desired retention date: In this case 45 (days)

and then create a timed script file:

I have 11 copies of this running every evening, for past 3+ years, and it prevents me from needing to do this....
TIMED SCRIPT FILE_20220211_075704.jpg