DiskStation DS3018xs

NAS DiskStation DS3018xs

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Drive Bays
6 bays
Dual-core Turbo Boost up to 2.6 GHz

8GB DDR4 ECC RAM, up to 32GB

Ultra Performance
2,231 MB/s reading, 265,000 sequential IOPS reading

Up to 30 drives with two DX1215
High-performance NAS server with scaling flexibility
Powered by a dual-core processor with AES-NI hardware encryption engine, Synology DiskStation DS3018xs is a brand new 6-bay NAS that comes with a PCIe slot and can be installed with a 10GbE network interface card or a dual M.2 SSD adapter card. SSD cache support enhances network speeds and boosts performance, allowing DS3018xs to meet data-intensive requirements.

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