DiskStation DS620slim

NAS DiskStation DS620slim

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Drive Bays
6 bays
Dual-core 2GHz burst up to 2.5GHz

DDR3L 2GB, up to 6GB

Encryption Performance
Over 226 MB/s reading and 198 MB/s writing

2-channel 4K H.264/H.265 video transcoding
When performance meets style
DS620slim is a mini 6-bay NAS with a stylish chassis design, perfectly blending in modern workplaces or apartments. Supporting near-instantaneous snapshot technology and real-time 4K video transcoding, DS620slim is an all-around file management solution that fulfills professionals’ needs of advanced data protection and high-quality media streaming.

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Latest reviews

J'ai personnellement mis 6 petits SSD de 8 To chez Micron, un bijou de rapidité et de silence !
Mais ont peut mettre 6 disques dur mécanique 2,5" aussi... jusqu'à 5 To.
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Small size, quiet, running solely with SSDs. So far it's been very fast and reliable.
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