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Dockge - A Container Manager replacement

Dockge - A Container Manager replacement

After a recent Portainer snafu with my Debian server, triggered by a docker-ce update, I ran across dockge. While it lacks some exotic bits and pieces of Portainer, it is a super easy way of managing docker containers. After migrating many of my Debian containers to dockge, I wanted to do the same on my Synology unit. So I thought I'd share here.


Dockge requires two directories... “data”, where it stores its configuration files, and “stacks”, where the compose file resides for each running container. Unlike Portainer, the compose file “compose.yaml” is not buried in the root structure.

I keep all my docker setup files in a shared folder docker. For dockge, that looks like this...
Having created those directories, SSH into your NAS. After logging in, execute the following:
sudo docker run -d -p 6001:5001 --name=dockge --restart=always --pull=always -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v /volume1/docker/dockge/data:/app/data -e DOCKGE_STACKS_DIR=/opt/stacks -v /volume1/docker/dockge/stacks:/opt/stacks louislam/dockge

[When asked for a password, enter your administrator's password]

NOTE: I've changed the external port to 9001 not knowing whether 5001 would work in the unit (choose any available port to your liking).

Launch dockge locally using http://NAS_IP:9001 (ex. where is your NAS LAN IP).

Create an admin account for dockge and you're good to do. After that you can migrate your existing containers (or Portainer stacks) to dockge, and never look back.

Rather than explain the features and easiness of using dockge (ex., it will convert “docker run” strings to a compose file”), I'll refer you to this excellent video from DBTech:

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View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E805XcbTzgY

Another nice feature is that you can connect dockge instances across all your running devices. So from my Synology dockge UI, I can also bring up the packages running on my Debian server 😁

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