Fireshare — Share your game clips, videos, or other media

Fireshare — Share your game clips, videos, or other media

How many times have you run across a post where someone wants to share a video, without requiring the recipient to download it prior to viewing... That is not readily doable in Synology world.

Fireshare is a simple, easy to use application, available through Docker. Although I am apparently one of the early users to try this on a Synology NAS, I found the developer, helpful and responsive in getting my system up.

It's like having your personalized YouTube server!

Here is the user interface:

It is also mobile compatible.

Here's my docker-compose to help jump-start your use:

version: "3.5"
    image: shaneisrael/fireshare:latest
    container_name: fireshare
      - 80:80
      - /volume1/docker/fireshare/data:/data
      - /volume1/docker/fireshare/processed:/processed
      - /volume1/media/clips:/videos
      - ADMIN_PASSWORD=admin
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=100
    restart: always

The PUID/PGID is optional.

A comment regarding the /videos mapping... I prefer to store my media away from the shared folder /docker. When I initially did this, I discovered that my videos would not play on my browser interface.

When I changed the path from
the videos played as expected. With the help of @one-eyed-king I discovered that adding ACL "Read" permissions for "Everyone" enabled video play from the original mapping. So... if your videos don't play, check the folder permissions.

At the moment, Fireshare only supports MP4, MOV and WEBM files.

Fireshare also supports Open Graph, however my Android phone seems to rebel, and shows only the share link instead of the linked preview


Give it a go, and see if it fits among your share tools.

I'd post a live example from my server, however, there are probably enough users here to take down my meager upload bandwdth. Instead, I'll offer the demo link from the developer.


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