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Tutorial How the Internet (IPv4) works ... a simplistic overview

The Internet enables computers and devices to talk to each other across the world. To do this requires each device to be uniquely identifiable.

On the local network

Any device with a WiFi or LAN interface will have a unique MAC address that is hardcoded to each interface. The MAC address enables devices on the local network to identify each other but provides no way for devices from outside to access them.

With the Internet

The Internet Protocol (IPv4) uses IP addresses to identify each interface of a device (e.g. an...
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Latest reviews

Well done fredbert. Covers basic networking stuff without boring and complex words for newbies.
What a great tutorial. I'm completely new to NAS world and networking so this kind of information is very useful for newbies. Thank you, fredbert!
Thanks. I just added a little section to the end to say about TCP and UDP with links to Wikipedia for more info.