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Tutorial How to setup and run Reactive Resume in Docker on Synology 1.0

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A one-of-a-kind resume builder that keeps your privacy in mind. Completely secure, customizable, portable, open-source and free forever. Try it out today! Reactive Resume

As far as I know, Docker is only available on + models.

Step 1.

Install and launch Docker on your Synology NAS. Then navigate to the Registry and search for "Reactive-Resume". Pull the amruthpillai/reactive-resume image by double clicking it.

2020-04-03 14.13.28 88456ad7c44a.jpg

Step 2.

Click the Image tab and wait for the image to finish downloading. Once complete double click the image (amruthpillai/reactive-resume) to begin the deployment process. Click "Advanced Settings" then next.

2020-04-03 14.18.33 17a9ec4cd11a.jpg

Step 3.

Enable auto-restart. Apply.

2020-04-03 14.42.29 183679f6e6c8.jpg

Step 4.

Choose a local port to bind to the container. I chose 5151. Leave port 80 alone in the Container Port section.

2020-04-03 14.25.31 352247eb75d6.jpg

Step 5.

Click apply and wait a few seconds for the app to deploy. Browse to yournasip:5151 and enjoy!

2020-04-03 14.28.39 15670ca1686f.jpg
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