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Tutorial Push notifications with a twist 2019-04-20

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Here’s something I like and use. At least this works on iOS devices. I believe it’s the same on an Android device too, but I’m not too sure.

The below instructions are copied from Synology’s knowledge base.

To enable mobile device notifications:
  1. Go to Control Panel > Notification > Push Service.
  2. Tick the box Enable mobile device notifications, and then click Apply.
  3. Install and launch DS finder on your mobile device, and then add your Synology NAS to the Favoritelist to pair your mobile device with the Synology NAS.
  4. Click Send a test message and then click OK to send a test notification. Then launch DS finder on your mobile device to check whether the test message is received.
To manage paired mobile devices:
  1. Click Manage paired devices to see the list of all paired mobile devices.
  2. If you want to unpair any of the devices, select them and click Unpair. (Press and hold Shift or Ctrl while making multiple selections.) No notification will be sent to them unless you pair them up again.

But here’s where it becomes interesting for me. Powered by the above and after you install Log Center (Synology packages). You can go to Log Center’s Notifications and add words that can trigger the push notifications (up to 3).

For example, if you’re using the upload request that we mentioned in our “share links” resource, you can add the word “upload” and when an upload takes place, a log for that is created (DSM creates logs by default), and (you guessed it), it contains the word “upload” which will trigger a push notification to be sent to you.

Below I have the word “failed”. I believe that any word that appears in the log messages and events can be used. Just choose wisely, otherwise you might get flooded :D


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