RackStation RS1219+

NAS RackStation RS1219+

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Drive Bays
8 bays
Quad-core 2.4GHz

2GB DDR3 SO-DIMM, expandable up to 16GB

High Performance
Over 1,310 MBps sequential reading

Compact design
Only 12 inches in depth
Scalable storage server that grows with your business
RS1219+ is Synology’s brand new 2U 8-bay NAS that provides storage scalability and is perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses. Further boost storage performance with the optional M.2 SSD cache or enhance network speeds by adding a 10 GbE NIC. RS1219+ is ideal to serve as a backup target for protecting your critical assets or a centralized file server for sharing files across different platforms.

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Latest reviews

Very, very low depth impact. Fits in most 19" racks.
Suited for private use as well as SOHO.
Upgradable to 16GB of RAM.
Upgradable to 12 disks with RX418 (RX42x ?).
Possibility to add an expansion card for NVMe Cache OR 10Gb Ethernet, not sure that there is one card with both.
I chose the Cache expansion card with 2x WDred 1To (not sure such a size was really necessary...)
4xRJ45 with link aggregation => 4Gb bandwidth, that's good enough for me.
High availability compatible with RS1221+
Fans are 80mm diameter so I changed them with Noctua ones (not PWM).
Populated with 12 6TB WD red HDDs. Vol. 1 is 11 disks in shr2, vol.2 (surveillance) 1 disk in SHR (w/o protection ^^).
Mainly used as file server, Drive server and for surveillance cams (I have 10 cams).
VM and docker mostly used for testing purposes, prior to Raspberry Pi implementation (if possible).
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