RackStation RS2421+/RS2421RP+

NAS RackStation RS2421+/RS2421RP+

Drive Bays
12 bays


AMD Ryzen™ V1500B quad-core 2.2 GHz


2,200 MB/s seq. read and 1154 MB/s seq. write performance (performance testing conducted by Synology with 10GbE NICs installed. Actual results may vary depending on system configuration, testing methods, and other environmental variables. Check the performance page for specific details on the testing environment)


4 GB ECC DDR4, up to 32 GB


Up to 24 drive bays with RX1217(RP)


Secure storage for your business​

Synology RS2421+/RS2421RP+ are versatile 2U 12-bay storage servers designed to accommodate a diverse set of business environments. Scalable up to 24 drives, they are designed for cost-effective file management and sharing and include powerful backup capabilities designed for businesses with a growing data footprint. The unit delivers 2,200 MB/s 64K sequential read and 1154 MB/s sequential write performance1, and can be optionally enhanced with SSD cache and 10/25Gb Ethernet2.

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