RS2423+ / RS2423RP+

NAS RS2423+ / RS2423RP+

Drive Bays
12 bays
  • Over 3500/1700 MB/s sequential read/write
  • Scales up to 24 drives
  • Built-in 1/10GbE with 1/10/25GbE expansion options


Secure storage for your business​


Over 3,500/1,700 MB/s seq. read/write, built-in 10GbE, and up to 216 TB raw storage before expansion.

Flexible configuration​

Add 12 extra drive bays, 1/10/25GbE ports, and SSD cache volumes whenever needed.

Versatile applications​

Back up 300 endpoints, manage 50 IP cameras, or safely sync and share files between devices and sites.

Faster and more responsive​

The RS2423+/RS2423RP+ offer exceptional performance with over 155K/79K random read/write IOPS and up to 3,500/1,700 MB/s sequential read/write throughput.1 They are the perfect cost-effective file management and sharing solution for SMBs and come equipped with advanced backup capabilities designed for businesses with expanding data needs.

Designed for reliability​

The RS2423+ and RS2423RP+ come with one 10GbE RJ-45 port and two Gigabit RJ-45 ports, which can be bonded with Link Aggregation to enable automatic network failover and load balancing.
Two RS2423+/RS2423RP+ units can be paired using Synology High Availability to form a reliable active-passive server cluster, maximizing service uptime.

The RS2423RP+ also features redundant and hot-swappable power supply units to protect service continuity in case there are issues with one power source.

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