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Drive Bays
12 bays
High Availability
Dual storage controllers

Shared storage design

Automatic system-level protection

Up to 36 drives for 576 TB (SA3200D can scale up to 36 drives with 2 x RXD1219sas, sold separately)

Maximizing availability has never been this easy
Simplify and centralize your data management infrastructure with Synology SA3200D. Storage controller redundancy powered by Synology High Availability automatically minimizes downtime to under a minute (the result is based on drives fully loaded in RAID 5 configuration with two volumes created, packages including Replication Service, Snapshot Replication, SMI-S Provider, MariaDB 5, MariaDB 10, Web Station, and Hyper Backup are installed. It may vary depending different configurations or environments.), delivering outstanding cost effectiveness in just a 2U footprint.

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