Synology DS Manager – Download Station macOS app and Safari Extension [2020 NEW]

App Synology DS Manager – Download Station macOS app and Safari Extension [2020 NEW] 1.3.0

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Hey there!

As you know, since Apple had broken old Safari Extension, there was no working solution for managing Download Station tasks from macOS or Safari. So it was until today because I've recently developed the modern solution.

I'm glad to announce my Swift application for macOS allowing you to easily manage your Synology Download Station tasks right from your Mac. Or from Safari using the embedded Safari extension. And both of them work in 2020 at macOS Catalina and Safari 13. And it supports the Dark Mode even.

I've tested it at the latest DSM and Synology Download Station versions. If there are issues in other versions, we can discuss them here and I'll try to fix them for you.

Synology Download Station Manager for macOS and Safari

Manage your Synology Download Station tasks right on your Mac with this modern fast application:
  • view the current download tasks list;
  • pause/resume tasks or remove them (mass actions are supported too);
  • start new downloads by simultaneous submitting multiple torrent-files and/or direct URLs;
  • search for torrents right from the app;
  • 2-step (2FA) authentication support;
  • option to hide/show Dock icon;
  • macOS notification on downloads finish;
  • Status Bar item showing up the current bandwidth usage and providing fast access to mass actions;
  • secure credentials storage in the macOS keychain.
Embedded Safari Extension allows you to add new download tasks right from your Safari browser, in just one click.

The app price is about $8.5 without VAT (if applicable) depending on your local currency.

You can download a free trial version which allows you to use all the features for 3 days for free and then decide if it's worth of purchase from the developer's website:
Synology Download Station Manager for macOS and Safari

Please feel free to post your bug-reports, reviews, and questions below.

Latest updates

  1. version 1.3.0 released

    What's new: Ability to change the download directory Search for torrents function implemented...
  2. version 1.2.0 released

    You can now submit multiple URLs and torrents simultaneously; The app main window is now...
  3. version 1.1.4

    What's new: NAS connection credentials are now securely stored in your macOS Keychain; New mass...

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Brilliant, don't have to have a browser open now to see what's going on with there downloads
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