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Security Synology Product Security Advisory 2021-05-26

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Here is a bookmark to the Synology Security Advisories for DSM, SRM, and associated application packages. It contains the latest details on open and closed vulnerabilities and measures to rectify them.

Synology Product Security Advisory​

Synology is committed to customer safety and the ongoing security of our products. We allocate resources to fix and patch vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered by internal tests, researchers, or customers.

Report Vulnerabilities​

To report security issues that affect Synology products, please contact: [email protected]
Please note that this e-mail address is used for monitoring potential product security issues. Generally speaking, we won’t reply to incoming e-mail messages unless further information is required. For technical support for Synology products, please visit our Support & Service section instead.

PGP Key Information​

When you are reporting a vulnerability via e-mail, you can use Synology's Product Security PGP key to encrypt sensitive information.

Synology Product Security Updates​

To protect users, Synology does not publicly announce security vulnerabilities until fixes are publicly available, nor are the exact details of such vulnerabilities released. Once fixes are available, vulnerabilities shall be announced on Synology's official website.

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