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Tutorial Unmanic 2020-05-16

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Josh5/unmanic - Automatically convert all non-H265 video to H265 standard.

In this resource I will show you how to install the "Unmanic" docker container on Synology. For this container you will need your PGID & PUID numbers and have FFMPEG installed.

If like me your video collection is eating up HHD space faster than you can upgrade, it may be worthwhile utilising this great program. Hugh thanks goes out to Josh5 for creating it.

First, load up Docker and search via "registry" for Unmanic, the top one should be; Josh5/Unmanic.

Once downloaded, you want to launch and click on "advanced settings", then set the following variables in each tab;
*Advanced settings - check "enable auto-restart".
*Volume - Create the following three folders (the file/folder paths can be anything you want);

*Network - LEAVE ALONE
*Port settings - Click "+" and create a rule; 8888 / 8888
*Environment - Click "+" and create rule; TZ / "whatever timezone you're in".

Now head on over to your favourite browser, enter "yourip:8888" and you should be presented with the Unmanic dashboard.

There are two main tabs; Dashboard & Settings (in settings there are four further tabs of options).

The Dashboard will show what video files are currently being worked on.

In your Settings tab, you have; General, Container, Video Encoding and Audio Encoding. Everything can be left as it is, however I changed "General - Workers to 1" so that my NAS is not overworked, and "Library Scanner - Run scan on start" then restart the browser tab to force Unmanic to scan your library and get things moving.

That's it. I hope I've covered everything, this is my first tutorial.