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Virtualizing pfSense Firewall on Synology DSM Virtual Machine Manager: 2023-11-09

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So, if you are like me and you have applications like Plex or VPN that you need to be able to reach outside of your home you want a powerful firewall to secure your home environment. There are very few solid, secure, and affordable firewalls for home use.

pfSense Community Edition is comparable to enterprise solutions like Palo Alto and best of all, it is free. A paid technical support plan is available if you chose to purchase it but there are a lot of good support forums out there as well as instructional videos which is normally enough to get you up and running.

One thing to keep in mind. When you perform updates that require the DSM to reboot, your internet will go down as well. I find the convenience and security to be a good trade off and just plan the updates,

The attached guide is a step by step to get pfSense working on Synology DSM Virtual Machine Manager.

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