Weemple Video Station Converter - Convert incompatible video for Video Station and DS video

App Weemple Video Station Converter - Convert incompatible video for Video Station and DS video 1.2

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I'm a Video Station user, and I like this product, but sometime is difficult to know if a video is compatible or not with DS video on Apple TV, Google TV, Samsung TV, Video Station, etc.

Therefore, I developed a Windows 10 desktop app to easily identify the incompatibles video files, and to also allow to convert them with just a click!

This app allowed me to find many issue, and I decided to share it, in the hope that will be useful also to others!

Weemple Video Station Converter


It scan your video files content, and identify if there are video and audio tracks that may prevent the correct playback.

Is possible to drag and drop file & folders on the app.


Then you can add the desired files on the queue and start the conversion with a single click.

It can convert all video, audio, subtitle and chapter tracks.
The output are Matroska files (.mkv).

- To include the subtitles
- To include the chapters
- To set the default language
- To add only one track for language
- The maximum video resolution
- The preset, profile and level of H.264
- To execute a script after every successful conversion
- And more

To support the maintenance of the app, and since services like web hosting, the stores, etc have a cost,
I ask a small contribution of $9.99, but the app can be also tried for free for one week.

You can install it from here:

Latest updates

  1. Now customizable

    You can choose: to include the subtitles to include the chapters to set the default language to...
  2. Automate the automation

    The new version has a new (blue) button that allow to automatically add on the queue, the...
  3. New version

    This release as performance and stability improvements, and also a better conversion. Is stable...

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