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Weemple Video Tools - Movie and TV Renamer for many media players

App Weemple Video Tools - Movie and TV Renamer for many media players 1.8.0

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As you know, Video Station, Plex and others media players, have the ability to automatically associate the video metadata from an online catalog, based on the file name.

So is important to have the movies and the tv shows following the naming convention of the player, and is also important to use the title and year of the online catalog.

Therefore, in order to simplify this task, and to increase the matching probability, I developed a dedicated Windows 10 desktop app. I'm using it from months, and I decided to share it, in the hope that will be useful also to others!

Weemple Video Tools

Movies Naming

TV Shows Naming

TV Shows Releases
The app is also a useful repository, to istantly verify if there are new seasons or episodes available of your TV Shows!

Metadata Scanner
Finally, the app can also scan your video metadata, to easily detect the media files formats.

Log Manager
And it come with a real time built-in Log Viewer of your naming conversion activity.

The app don't modify the content of your files.

- Movies Naming
- TV Shows Naming
- TV Shows Releases
- Metadata Scanner

- The Movie Database (TMDb)
- Supported all languages available on TMDb

- Synology
- Plex
- Kodi
- Emby
- Jellyfin

- Can include tv episode names
- Can create folders & subfolders
- Can inspect the metadata inside the files
- Can include the metadata catalog id
- Can include the audio language codes on the folder names
- Can exclude the initial article on folder names
- Can inspect subtitles and rename them accordingly (.srt, .sub & .idx)

To support the maintenance of the app, and since services like web hosting, the stores, etc have a cost,
I ask a small contribution of $9.99, but the app can be also tried for free for one week.

You can install it from here:

Latest updates

  1. Added a new module: TV Shows Releases!

    Now is also possible to declare your series, and the app will inform you if there are new...
  2. Episode name

    Now you can also choose if you want or not the episode name on the files!
  3. Jellyfin

    - Added support for Jellyfin!

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