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Router WRX560


Wi-Fi 6​

Up to 3,000 Mbps wireless speeds

Mesh support​

Seamless whole-home Wi-Fi with other Synology routers

Safe internet access​

Comprehensive parental controls


Support for superfast internet or high-performance devices

High performance in a space-saving design​

Wi-Fi 6 technology combined with high-performance internal antennas brings higher speeds to more devices at greater ranges, all in a compact design.

Mesh Wi-Fi​

Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead zones. Combine multiple Synology routers (WRX560 or other) for consistent and high-speed whole-home coverage under a single Wi-Fi name.

Support for 5.9 GHz band​

5.9 GHz band support provides access to an interference-free band for higher potential connection speeds2 or dedicated wireless backhaul.

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