1. vtsakiris

    Question 2FA on SRM

    2FA (two factor authentication) on my RT2600ac is driving me crazy... every 10 - 15 minutes i have to re input the code generated from my phone is there a way to trust certain devices, like DSM does, via a cookie? or there is some menu I am missing so I can add certain devices?
  2. D

    2FA with Windows and Synology Directory Services

    I have a Synology DS216+ that I use in my small business. I am using it as a domain controller with Active Directory Services. I would like to have 2FA when users log in to the Windows 10 PCs. Does anyone know how to do that? I have 2FA enabled on the NAS, but that only deals with native logins...
  3. J

    Question Multi-factor authentication for VPN server on DSM?

    HI all - loving this unofficial forum, and new NAS DS218+ with DSM 6.2 :) Would anyone know how to set up multiple-factor authentication for a VPN server (whichever VPN works, really) on DSM, please? Ideally, from most preferred to less preferred: Hardware token like Yubikey TOTP like Google...
  4. SynoMan

    Guide Two-step verification

    Go to your account in Password and security: Click on a button Change here: After typing your account password click button Enable here: Follow other steps and you will enable two-step verification for your forum account.