1. S

    Offsite backup options for 12TB

    I'm looking for recommendations for a cloud backup of a Synology NAS. I already have two local backups, and it's time to go 3-2-1. My objectives are: - compatibility with DSM7 - space for backup 12TB or more - strong security incl. client-site encryption - the cost So far I narrowed it down to...
  2. G

    We all know 3,2,1 (if not search google on "backup 3-2-1"). But immutable, how are you doing that?

    So, let me assune we all doe 3,2,1 backups. That method is working for ages now and I thnk still is the best option against Ransomware and other "events". But as the criminals are building up their skills and processes, it looks like we need to revice 3,2,1 of at least add something to it. On a...
  3. blackvoid

    blackvoid 3-2-1 > Active Backup

    Synology's recent addition to their collection of great apps and solutions include a new version of Active Backup for Business package. In this article, I will reflect on the tool, how it can benefit you and see various scenarios it can be implemented in. Let's be honest. How many times have...
  4. K

    Question DiskStation DS118 Good Choice For Offsite Backup?

    Adding offsite backup to our setup (will sit in my office at home across town). Would using a DS118 with a single drive be ok? Am I shooting myself in the foot here? Plan to have one other onsite backup on an external drive hooked directly into our primary Synology. Thanks!