1. jeyare

    Info 4-bay USB enclosure (only) - affordable alternative for NAS just for $200

    yesterday I had the opportunity to read strange article (quoted below). In the introduction I imagined a solution for photographers, amateur filmmakers who need immediate backup of quantum data as soon as possible to a safer type of storage during a production time. But this article has...
  2. mtichbon

    Help with upgrade method from 2-bay to 5-bay

    I'm currently running a DS716+ii but with a slightly unconventional HDD setup. I've got an 8TB drive that has all my data (photos, music, video and cloudstation) and a 3TB drive, which was the original HDD from my first DS213J, which currently has everything else - homes, netbackup, plex etc...
  3. wwwampy

    Added 2 more discs to 4-bay NAS - not initialized?

    I had 2 discs in my 4-bay DS418play. Today I've added another 2, but it says Not initialized: Do I need to do anything after adding them?