1. Phone Guy

    Larger drive 512n 512e and 4kn, does any of this matter in a synology?

    I want to start with, I dont fully understand everything about hdd... I have basic knowledge... Looking at some of todays larger drives 18tb 20tb maybe even some of the 16tb? a lot of what I have seen (amazon) shows 512n 512e 4kn. Now from what I understand this is all related to sector size...
  2. jann

    Does the number of drives I "can lose" w/o losing integrity change depending on how full the Storage Pool is?

    I am just wondering...those of you who remember my horrific start w/my DS1520+ know that I did this wrong to begin with. Let's be nice to me and set that aside. I put drives that were too large in my Synology to begin with and had to spend tons of $$ to go up from there when I expanded. (ie...