1. C

    Drive DSM 7.0 and Synology Drive (mobile) - sync

    I am currently using Synology Drive on Android to browse files and DS Cloud to sync my phone files with the server. Synology about this - What are the feature differences between Synology Drive and Cloud Station Does the new DSM7.0 with mobile version of Synology Drive allow synchronization ->...
  2. J

    Deleted /lib/modules/tun.ko from DSM 7.0 Install

    I accidentally deleted the lib/modules/tun.ko file from my DS720+ that I recently upgraded to DSM 7.0. Would anyone happen to have a copy of the file that they could post or know where I could get it? I was trying to get a docker container running transmission/openvpn working and I removed the...
  3. RoCaRay

    Has Anyone Installed DSM 7.0 Remotely, via QuickConnect?

    I manage a DS420+ remotely via QuickConnect - it runs just Web Station and Media Server. The NAS is in a fairly isolated location thousands of miles across the U.S. from me. So I'd prefer to update the DS420+ remotely via QuickConnect, rather than ship it back and forth. Can anyone verify...
  4. H

    PHP 5.6 on DSM 7.0

    I hope this is the right forum - if not I do apologize. Furthermore the search did not help... I am using my DS920 also as a Webserver for my own private data driven platforms for various topics (movies, music, games, weather etc.). I am developing as a hobby and didn't have the time to really...
  5. SynoMan

    Info Learn more about DSM 7.0

    DiskStation Manager 7.0 A streamlined user experience, enhanced login security, flexible cloud storage, and system monitoring in the cloud meet better and faster storage technologies. DSM 7.0 features improvements across the board for the best Synology NAS experience yet. Learn more about DSM...
  6. oRBIT

    DSM 7.0 DSM 7.0 RC is out!

    Seems like it's out, here's the versionnews : https://www.synology.com/sv-se/releaseNote/DSM?model=DS918%2B
  7. V

    DSM 7.0 How to open SPK for DSM 7.0

    Hello, In order to understand how to create packages for previous DSM, I used to open the SPK with 7Zip or WinRar and to reverse-engineer the scripts. Learning by sample has always been much more efficient than reading the documentation of Synology for developers (even if this documentation has...
  8. BobW

    Does anyone know if the kernel bug is already fixed in DSM 7.0 beta?

    Hi, Does anyone know if the kernel bug is already fixed in DSM 7.0 beta? (referring see link) My startup problems with Docker Containers is getting worse. I am now suffering daily, that my containers don't want to start up because of the kernel bug. I now have to restart Docker every morning to...
  9. B

    DSM 7.0 Failing to connect to Active Insight on DSM 7.0

    I's struggling to get Active Insight working on DSM 7.0 has anyone else had these problems ? When trying to enable its asking to enable NTP because of time sync but again fails 1611237680 This is the area you enable Active insight but when ticking the box it doesn't work due to NTP
  10. SynoMan

    DSM 7.0 DiskStation Manager 7.0 Preview Program