active backup

  1. D

    Active backup for business and Oracle Linux

    When IBM-owned RedHat decided to discontinue CentOS linux to CentOS Stream, I decide to move to Oracle Linux. According to the documentation. Active Backup for Business does not support Oracle Linux. Since Oracle Linux is a very popular derivative of Fedora, I tried to install the active backup...
  2. D

    Does Active Backup for Business support scheduled restores

    We are contemplating the purchase of 15-20 Windows laptops for students. To keep them all synchronized to the same base software, we thought we might use Active Backup for Business in the following way. First, configure all laptops, then back them up. Periodically, say every week on the weekend...
  3. CrustyCurmudgeon

    ABB via smb denies access to user with administrator privileges

    Using Synology Active Backup to backup a Windows 10 machine via "File Server" & smb . Windows machine has only one user with Administrative permissions. Creating the File Server connections from ABB interface to Windows machine from ABB goes as expected and works with user credentials. When I...
  4. CrustyCurmudgeon

    Active Backup to BackBlaze B2

    I currently backup several LAN systems to a shared folder on my NAS using individual backup apps on each machine. I then backup the nas backup share to BackBlaze B2 via the CloudSync app. I'm considering using Synology's Active Backup for Business but I'm unclear about how that app formats its...
  5. nthkmf

    Using ABB to backup server with Physical mode, full system, How can sync to cloud?

    Dear all, I am using ABB to backup a physical server in full mode, I'd restored it one time recently because of ransomware. Now, I think it will be better when backup it to cloud. So can I do this?
  6. E

    Active Backup for Business - a bare metal restore problem - help appreciated

    As I had to send my laptop to dell for repairs, I created a full system backup. In the hindsight, it is probably a bad decision. Today the laptop returns with a new motherboard. I booted the laptop with the usb drive I created before. signed in the Synology and select my backup. However, I got...
  7. David M

    Do You Used Synology Active Backup For Business ? This may be important if you do.

    I checked to see how my Synology Active Backup For Business (ABB) was working the other day and found out that it wasn't. I have two Windows PC's that both quit backing up on March 12. The short version of the longer story is that I went into the Windows ABB app and found that there was a...
  8. J

    Change Source SMB File Server Task

    I have multi site replicated shares using DFSR back to a central file server that is backed up with ABB for each share. I want to change the source server of each task to the remote location for each task. I am not sure how to accomplish this. It looks as though I could change the server source...
  9. N

    DSM 7.0 Backing up my Active Backup for MS 365 data

    I have been backing up my MS 365 for Business data to my DS 220+ using Active Backup for MS 365, and this has been working well. I now want to go to the next step and backup the MS 365 backup to a cloud service. I have access to both BackBlaze and Synology C2. Initially I tried using Cloud...
  10. C

    Hyperbackup of ABB Folders

    My question refers to the structure of an ActiveBackupforBusiness folder. As mentioned in a recent thread here, there are 2 subfolders; '@ActiveBackup' & 'ActiveBackupData'. Only @ActiveBackup can be backed up by HyperBackup ('ActiveBackupData' is grayed out as it tells me it is virtual)...
  11. David M

    Active Backup for Business - can it do incremental backups ?

    I have searched all over for this but found nothing... I just started running Active Backup for Business on my DS-920+. After reviewing the folders and contents of the backups with Windows explorer, every backup appears appears to be a complete backup of my PC. Can anyone point me to how to make...
  12. T

    Agent is older

    Receiving "The current version of the agent is older. Please update the agent" on an ABfB bare metal restore after creating recovery media and booting from it. DSM6.2 running ABB 2.2.0-2074 on a DS1618+. Recovery media created today. This is a test run on my home system prior to attempting a...
  13. A

    ABfB VMware fails - no further log

    Having the need to restore a full ESX VM using Active Backup for Business. Everything seems fine in the UX up until I run the restore itself, where it fails immediately. No further log / information, just "failed". Any idea where to look to the CAUSE of the failure ?
  14. Cobra

    Synology Drive "Reconnecting" and Active backup has a connection error

    My downstairs PC shows "Reconnecting" on synology drive and on Active Backup for business it has a internet error. I am connecting with my upstairs computer is working fine for both drive and active backup. I recently installed Bitdefender Antivirus on my downstairs PC and now...
  15. R

    Active Backup for Business - DS418 - 64bit - btrfs - NOT in Package Center

    folks, just received DS418, set up DSM7/raid5/protection/BTRFS, loaded Package Center and Active Backup for Business is missing. can i download it? Hyper Backup downloaded but my family uses all Win10 PCs. what do i need to do? thanks, ron
  16. A

    Constant failures

    I have been using ABB since I got my DS-920+ last spring. The past couple of weeks I have been getting backup failures some of the automated backups. The past few days it has been a 100% failure rate. I get an "unknown internal error, contact Synology" message in the logs. I have been trying...
  17. J

    Retrieve Backup Status

    Hi there. I am using Active Backup for Business to backup VMware virtual machines. I am trying to obtain a daily status of the virtual machine backup job to be displayed on our monitoring screen if backup jobs fail. I have found a script of a while back that retrieves the status information...
  18. Rusty

    Info Windows 11 and Active Backup 2.2.1

    Just wanted to share a quick info if anyone will have use for it. As part of some testing I did a Windows 11 (21H2) backup using current ABB version (2.2.1-12074). Backup went with zero problems. Also on top of this, I tested a full restore of that backup inside an ESXi v7 env, and it booted...
  19. D

    server or pc does it matter

    So i am a bit of a noob. But the machine im backing up is runninng windows server 2012 r2 with 3 users. I wanst sure if it matter if i choose server or pc in active backup. anyone know whats the difference?
  20. S

    Getting message "Windows ADK configuration files missing" when creating recovery media

    I am getting the message "Windows ADK configuration files missing" when creating recovery media, even though I have downloaded in installed the ADK. How can I build a recovery USB stick? Thanks in advance. Steve