active backup

  1. C

    Bare metal restore, maybe

    I've recently been having trouble with windows and am considering a bare metal restore. My question pertains the the, "restore media creator." Are the files on it used in the restore process or just to start it." I haven't made one recently and want to know before trying it. It's last ditch...
  2. Lewis

    DSM 6.2 Active Backup free up space on Volume ?

    Hi, I have DS 1817+ and last year I've setup Active backup for my 3 PCs and all is running fine and automated (no problems there). Think i want to know is how i can adjust how much HDD space on my volume is Active backup is gonna to use? It seems it reserved itself some hefty sum (over 10TB)...
  3. S

    Active Backup for Microsoft 365 failing

    DS920+ with the latest 7.0 release. I'm trying to backup a SharePoint site. It gets some, and then fails with an error that its couldn't complete "possibly" because the system is busy. If I keep running the backup its gets a little more each time. Nothing else is running at the same time so I...
  4. Cobra

    Cant change my server connection from my IP to

    I have an error SSL certificate has been changed and it says the SSL certificate does not belong to the IP address and sign in with I tried that and it wont let me switch it.
  5. T

    DSM 7.0 Active Backup Portal Restore URL

    Since I upgraded to DSM 7, the address of the restore portal when clicking on the restore portal button opens an url which is no more the local address used by the agent for backup. When the browser opens the address part of the url shown is the DDNS address defined in remote access. I don't...
  6. C

    DSM 6.2 Active Backup log files

    Hi, After restoring a full drive I get a warning that the restore task was only partially completed. I can see from the log file that - most likely - the path names for a number of the files were too long. However, retrieving these files by referring to the log file under "activities" is a...
  7. C

    Bare metal restore problem

    Have a new DS220+, running DSM7, Active backup for business. Trying to do a bare metal restore, booting to USB and get an error message "the current version of the agent is older please update" Agent installed from the DS220+ but still getting the error. Some guidance would be appreciated.
  8. M

    Partially Completed Backup

    I recently had to change the CR2032 battery on one of my client machines. Prior to this battery change I've had no issues with this client at all. Ever since that date all standard nightly scheduled backup have failed to complete. The status is partially completed with some of the connected...
  9. J

    Debian Agent for Bullseye (debian 11)

    Does anyone know when the agent will be installable on Debian Bullseye? Currently its only qualified for debian 8,9,10, not 11 Thanks JD
  10. deltadata

    Does Active Backup for Business have file search?

    The last episode of "NAS Noob", I had purchased DS 220+, quickly realized that my decision lacked vision, and would not allow me to expand storage according to future plans, so I returned and purchased 920+. Life has been busy so only now getting familiar with the new 920+. I didn't spend much...
  11. Cobra

    Active backup how to turn on compression and encryption?

    On my backup task list it shows NO for compression and encryption. How do I turn those on? Thanks
  12. C

    Active backup for business recovery creator

    I was using the Recovery media creator in DSM 7 today and noticed a glitch that may throw off a newbie. Seems that when it finishes writing the USB recovery media, Windows pops open it's media format window, "hit cancel.". Just thought it may help a newbie. Also reported it to Synology who...
  13. P

    Active Backup for 365 portal restore - Can't change task

    I have 4 tasks running for 4 different Office 365 accounts. I'm trying to restore a Drive for a user but when I go into the portal (as the admin), I am only shown one of the 4 tasks. When I click the dropdown, nothing else shows. How do I access the other 3 tasks that are running? Pete
  14. tekguru

    Active Backup for Microsoft 365

    I need to update the package for Active Backup for Microsoft 365, but this requires 'Universal Search' running for the update to be processed. I looked to do the update 3 days ago and 'Universal Search' is still in a starting condition. Any ideas on how to fix it? Very close to uninstalling...
  15. C

    Active backup

    Have been using Active backup for business for awhile and would like to remove a few a few older backups. However, right clicking the file and choosing delete isn't working. It says, "(Unable to perform this operation, possibly because the network connection is unstable or busy. Please try again...
  16. S

    Active Backup Portal Restore

    Hello, I'm having some issues with restoring at folder level through the portal. I have full permissions on the server, but for some reason I'm unable to access my full metal backup at a file level restore. When on the Active Backup for Business Portal, I select View Role as myself, then the...
  17. X

    Active Backup for Business recovery wizard does not find a backup

    Hi, backed up a computer, trying to test a bare metal restore. + install backup agent DONE + configure backup agent, backup entire device DONE + boot from USB Active Backup for Business Recovery Wizard + log in successfully Select the device and the task list is empty although i have two full...
  18. X

    Change remote server name (not address)?

    Hi, I am backing up a server to a remote Synology. Synology connects to it via the hostname of my WAN that resolves to the ip. Everything works. However in the backup list the server is listed as the hostname. I want to add a more descriptive name, especially if I am going to back up several...
  19. D

    Active backup restore error

    Hi, I have been searching google and talking to synology help did not yield a result. WHen i restore using synology active backup, I will encounter the problem of a blue screen with the error "inaccessible boot device" Can I ask. 1) can restore be done on a completely different computer ? 2)...
  20. J

    Error Failed to verify SSL with task for file server

    Hi, I have a task how run every hours. This task is for a file serveur. This task run since a few month corectly but since 4 day, i have sometimes an error Failed to verify SSL and the next run of the task, this error disapeard. What do i do to remove this error ? Many thanks Jean-François