active backup

  1. T

    Active Backup For Business is slow and slows down the NAS

    I have two DS918+ in a high availability configuration and I backup about 20 Windows office machines to it with very low volume data (about 1GB/machine/day most of which is seemingly Windows updates). I used global de-duplication (currently at 2.4x de-duplication rate which also strikes me as...
  2. B

    ABB Physical Server vs File Server

    Can someone explain the difference between a physical server and file server options in ABB? Why would I use one versus the other.
  3. K

    Run Active Backup Task from cli

    Hello, I would like to run one task from Active Backup but after VPN Connection. Is it possible from GUI? if not which is the command from terminal to start the task? My script until now is
  4. TigerSaw

    PC Off Line after backing up with no problems now it wont see my PC

    I backed up my PC using Active Backup for Business. Once I backed it up i set backs up when I start my PC back up because I don't leave it on all the time. When my PC is running I can see my server using file explorer in the network section, and access files with no problem. The second day I...
  5. D

    How/when are updated custom retention rules applied to existing retained backups?

    I'm reducing the amount of backup versions I keep and have updated the rules for a backup task. I am hoping those updated rules will be applied to the existing backups from that task, but am not seeing it yet. I did run a manual backup which I had read would apply the rules to the existing...
  6. T

    Active Backup Client MacOS

    Simply looking for an update if anyone has information. It was supposed to come with DSM 7, then 7.1, and so far that still hasn't happened. Is there a Beta? Are they "working" on it?? Sometimes we can wait for the features if you just share a little bit of information...
  7. Cyberwasp

    DSM 7.1 Quick ABB question

    I heard somewhere that once Active backup for business runs, it only backs up files that have changed since the last one, is this true. Just wondering since I also have another instance setup for continuous backup. TIA
  8. lukasberan

    Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration

    Hi. I need to migrate all data from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another tenant. There is no direct way for tenant2tenant migration provided by Microsoft. Is there a way how we can leverage Synology NAS and probably its Active Backup for Microsoft 365 package to perform that migration? I can...
  9. J

    Active Backup of NAS -> NAS really slow ...

    Something very odd is happening with Active Backup. I used AB to backup a DS920+ to a DS918+ (I also have a hyper backup on eSATA becasue beta ;-). I upgraded the disks in the 920 to 4K sector size and did a bare metal restore. It worked great, wire speed limited, everything back as expected...
  10. N

    Active Backup telling me my certificate/password is wrong?

    Ok short story I noticed that my backup had not worked for the last month. When I tried to look into it my agent is telling me my certificate is wrong, and do I want to trust it or not. I wasn't sure if I should be just trusting the Certificate but TBH it's all over my local network, but...
  11. Cyberwasp

    ABFB Stopped working

    I saw there is a similar thread concerning this but it is over a year old. Recently I noticed my Synology drive client was reporting as, "Abnormal," So I finally got it back to backing up live files from my PC. However Active backup for business is not cooperating. I recreated the full backup...
  12. Rusty

    ABB v2.4.0-12234

    No macOS support yet, but some nice features were added in this version: Version: 2.4.0-12234 (2022-05-25) What's new Added support for Windows Server 2022. Added support for Linux kernel 5.10 and the following distributions: RHEL: 8.4、8.5 Debian: 11 Added support for Microsoft Hyper-V...
  13. D

    Active backup for business and Oracle Linux

    When IBM-owned RedHat decided to discontinue CentOS linux to CentOS Stream, I decide to move to Oracle Linux. According to the documentation. Active Backup for Business does not support Oracle Linux. Since Oracle Linux is a very popular derivative of Fedora, I tried to install the active backup...
  14. D

    Does Active Backup for Business support scheduled restores

    We are contemplating the purchase of 15-20 Windows laptops for students. To keep them all synchronized to the same base software, we thought we might use Active Backup for Business in the following way. First, configure all laptops, then back them up. Periodically, say every week on the weekend...
  15. CrustyCurmudgeon

    ABB via smb denies access to user with administrator privileges

    Using Synology Active Backup to backup a Windows 10 machine via "File Server" & smb . Windows machine has only one user with Administrative permissions. Creating the File Server connections from ABB interface to Windows machine from ABB goes as expected and works with user credentials. When I...
  16. CrustyCurmudgeon

    Active Backup to BackBlaze B2

    I currently backup several LAN systems to a shared folder on my NAS using individual backup apps on each machine. I then backup the nas backup share to BackBlaze B2 via the CloudSync app. I'm considering using Synology's Active Backup for Business but I'm unclear about how that app formats its...
  17. nthkmf

    Using ABB to backup server with Physical mode, full system, How can sync to cloud?

    Dear all, I am using ABB to backup a physical server in full mode, I'd restored it one time recently because of ransomware. Now, I think it will be better when backup it to cloud. So can I do this?
  18. E

    Active Backup for Business - a bare metal restore problem - help appreciated

    As I had to send my laptop to dell for repairs, I created a full system backup. In the hindsight, it is probably a bad decision. Today the laptop returns with a new motherboard. I booted the laptop with the usb drive I created before. signed in the Synology and select my backup. However, I got...
  19. David M

    Do You Used Synology Active Backup For Business ? This may be important if you do.

    I checked to see how my Synology Active Backup For Business (ABB) was working the other day and found out that it wasn't. I have two Windows PC's that both quit backing up on March 12. The short version of the longer story is that I went into the Windows ABB app and found that there was a...
  20. J

    Change Source SMB File Server Task

    I have multi site replicated shares using DFSR back to a central file server that is backed up with ABB for each share. I want to change the source server of each task to the remote location for each task. I am not sure how to accomplish this. It looks as though I could change the server source...