active backup

  1. Cranium

    Help Restore Customized Volume backup

    I've been doing a nightly customized volume backup for many months now in conjunction with a weekly backup of the system drive. Last night we had file corruption and I need to restore the customized volume backup but I don't see any way to do this. The Restore feature in Active Backup for...
  2. P

    Beware: ABB will silently stop working if SSL certificate is changed

    I am positing a warning for others: If the SSL certificate on your NAS is changed, all of your Active Backup for Business tasks will stop working. But it will not show up as a failure! The tasks will still show as "successful", just as of some date in the past! This is a huge issue, as you...
  3. D

    Noob is the storage for Active backup decided

    Hi, I can't seem to find this in the manual although I am speed-scanning... I went round yesterday and installed the agent on 13 devices. That was meant to be part 1 of a 'satged' approach and today I was going to see how they backup, how long it takes etc and gather as much information before...
  4. D

    Active Backup - Physical Servers listed under PC

    Hi, I've just installed the Active backup agent on 11 Windows 10 workstations (a variety of 32 / 64 bit) and a couple of Windows 2012 servers. Just logged into the Diskstation to view them all in Active backup and they're all listed as PCs, and nothing under Physical Server. Does that matter...
  5. Ken doodle

    USB Active Backup Restore Problem

    Motherboard Huananzhi X99-TF ATX Realtech on board network card. I’m using this board because my Asus board failed and I felt that the CPU and RAM were both fine, at least I hoped. Assembled the new board, the only one available that I could find, and everything loaded as before, and all tests...
  6. C

    Active backup restore

    When trying to restore a bare metal backup to a new PC I get the following error: There is not enough disk. You must have at least 1 disk.
  7. NAS Newbie

    What's best way to delete past ActiveBackups?

    I've been doing a pretty major restructuring of my file structure on the laptop that is backed up via AB. I am pulling tons of files off my computer and storing them on my NAS. I have already offloaded a copy of the AB files to a portable USB drive, but now I'd like to completely remove past...
  8. NAS Newbie

    Active Backup stalls/kills internet connection?

    So I'm working on getting Active Backup back up and running after I haven't used it for probably 6 months. I tried running it this afternoon, and it made it through 74% of the backup, and then it stalled for hours. When it stalled, it killed the internet connection to my computer, mad DSM on...
  9. NAS Newbie

    Active Backup - How to change Server Address?

    I apparently haven't had active backup running for a while and am trying to get it fired up again. It had been backing up my laptop to my NAS, but now that I've moved and gotten new networking gear, the IP address for the NAS has changed. When I launch the active backup agenton my laptop, I...
  10. bignjato

    Active Backup for Business - Linux agent

    Hi I have a problem with connecting and installing linux backup agent. I have the same error when installing in the root folder or in the home folder. "./ line 653: ./ Permission denied" did anyone manage to install the linux agent and connect it to AB? Thank you
  11. D

    ABB - Recovery Failure. Network Drivers not loaded after recovery USB is Booted

    I'm running ABB on a 1515+. Backups of my laptop work with no problem. I have an HP ZBook 15u G6 laptop. I've created restore USB for bare metal restores. Problem Description: When I boot the recovery USB stick, the WLAN network drivers are not loaded so I cannot connect to the RAID and move...
  12. fredbert

    ABB agent on Windows 10 not running after reboot

    Being a Mac person but using a PC for work for years so this may be very simple: I had assumed that the ABB agent would be automatically launched on each PC reboot. I've other applications on the PC that run automatically but ABB has no preferences so there's no way I see to enable this. Is it...
  13. Jheroen

    Copy of active backup for 365 or Gsuite to another location (NAS / Cloud) & GDPR

    Dear people, If I have a backup for O365 or Gsuite I prefer to make a second backup of it. The moment my backup target becomes corrupt, fails or otherwise no longer functions, the customer's backup should not be endangered. I see in the options for O365 and Gsuite that backup to a second...
  14. M

    Active Backup - Restore

    Quick question. I have multiple clients being backed up via Active Backup. The backup process has generally been smooth once I corrected issues with a USB drive that was corrupt on one client. My questions is related to creating Restore media for bare metal restores. Do I need to create a...
  15. M

    Active Backup Fails - Now What?

    Two separate items below... --- First - new Synology user here. My first backup using AB4B failed on a Win10 client. Multiple volumes being backed up from a single machine. Two internal drives and three usb connected drives. Error was 23. Bad block on a particular drive. Fixing that. 1) is...
  16. C

    Restore to different PC

    I backed up a full non OS disk, anyone know how to restore the data to a -different- PC ? I can only seem to restore to the original PC where the data came from ..
  17. M

    Question Backup strategy

    As I'm slowly moving things across to my new NAS, it's time to re-do my backup strategy. But because I'm new to all this, I don't feel I yet have sufficient experience to design a NAS backup strategy. So, here's what I used to have (which I was happy with, and had lots of redundancy, especially...
  18. blackvoid

    blackvoid 3-2-1 > Active Backup

    Synology's recent addition to their collection of great apps and solutions include a new version of Active Backup for Business package. In this article, I will reflect on the tool, how it can benefit you and see various scenarios it can be implemented in. Let's be honest. How many times have...
  19. jeyare

    Solved Active Backup and NTFS disk with Bad block(s)

    As some of you know I like it Synology Active Backup for Business package (ABB). I have 3 sites, with 20+ WIN10 based computers in total (also Linux, but this not the case). ABB is in everyday operation, tested Restore scenarios. Great tool. What I found yesterday: In my 3rd (remote) site, what...
  20. jeyare

    Active backup Real experience

    Tested in real conditions during migration of last home device from W8.1 to W10, when the upgrade process was frozen for 55 minutes. Prerequisites - USB stick +1GB capacity • Required local system volume storage capacity for temporary files: 2.5 GB • Supported recovery model: UEFI 64-bit 1...