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    Calendar and domain name in Active Directory Name

    Hello, I have big problem. I maked domain in Active Directory with ex. name When I click on the CalDav account in Synology Calendar I get a URL with the path [email protected] in it. And it should be [email protected] (I had this when I had users in LDAP) As a...
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    Active Directory - user with permission to control only one group (using RSAT)

    Hello, I want to create a user in a domain using RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools on Windows 10) that will have the permission to create, edit and delete users for only one group. Can someone tell me how to do it?
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    Bind NextCloud to an Active Directory not working

    Does anyone have any idea if I'm doing something wrong or NextCloud has some bug to talk to a Synology Directory Server? See below screenshot: Nextcloud version: 22.2.0 Docker Image: From within the Docker container I'm able to ping the AD server just fine..
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    Moving from LDAP to Directory server

    I'd like to move from the Synology LDAP package to Synology Directory Server package to have a real Active Directory.. But in LDAP I have all the users and groups and fileshares and apps are attached to that. \ But first, is there a way to simply migrate the user and group objects to the AD? I...