1. BobW

    Accessing your services inside your LAN without IPs Using NPM and Adguard

    Came across the great article about using NPM (Nginx-Proxy-Manager) and Adguard to act as a split DNS Server for LAN ONLY access. Haven’t tried it yet but I would like to share it with you guys! Maybe it could help someone who was looking for something similar to do...
  2. D

    DSM 6.2 Issue with macvlan and AdGurard setup

    Hi Folks, I currently use Adguard on my network on a VM on ESXi; I was looking into setting up nginx reverse proxy on my Synolgy NAS to use instead of the current Synology Reverse Proxy, Thought I'd give AdGuard a try first after seeing a couple of good YouTube videos and am trying to get it...
  3. WST16

    Blocking system test

    If you're implementing AdGuard or Pi-Hole, here's a page that checks how efficient your blocking system is. You can manually amend what's missing to your system. I got 87% for my AdGuard. Very nice but I'll try to improve it.
  4. Telos

    AdGuard Home | Host or macvlan?

    Somehow my Docker AdGuardHome (AGH) container began malfunctioning, so I decided to blow it all away and start over. Originally I created a macvlan network, so that AGH would have its own IP. But on this go-round, I went for a host network install, and so my new AGH set up now uses my NAS IP...
  5. WST16

    Info AdGuard deploys DNS-over-QUIC resolver
  6. WST16

    Question AdGuard vs. Pi-hole?

    Hi, I’ve managed to run AdGuard. Thanks to @Telos mentioned video :) Prior to that, I’ve tried Pi-hole set up to use the host on Docker (not the optimum way). So I played with them both. I was amazed by how much they blocked and how “chatty” our devices are. For those who tried both, why are...