1. CrustyCurmudgeon

    ABB via smb denies access to user with administrator privileges

    Using Synology Active Backup to backup a Windows 10 machine via "File Server" & smb . Windows machine has only one user with Administrative permissions. Creating the File Server connections from ABB interface to Windows machine from ABB goes as expected and works with user credentials. When I...
  2. C

    User with limited administrator privileges

    Hello, I want to create user with specified admin permissions in DSM 6 (or alternatively DSM7): - can add users - can`t change own permissions to folders, and can`t change permission to admin users - can use Mail Server, but for example can`t change Network settings Is it even possible?
  3. H

    Assign local administrator to domain users

    Hi, I've set up a domain via Synology Directory Server in a test environment, and one of the issues I've come across is that I don't seem to be able to set up a user as local administrator on a client machine? How is it done? Thanks Mick