1. G

    Docker advice please

    After originally using 3rd party community packages when I first got my nas I’ve moved to docker and think it’s great. Just after a bit of advice from someone with more experience though please. I’ve been using docker for quite a bit now so I’m comfortable with deploying containers and basic...
  2. E

    Advice with changing RAID

    Hi guys Hope everyone is well and all your loved ones are safe and well. I have been lurking for a while and this is prob the best Synology forum ive come across. Ive been learning a lot. I am looking to make some changes to my current nas setup so needed some advice. Having looked up some...
  3. W

    Advice re most compatible Linux Distro

    HI I have a dual boot laptop and when I set up my NAS last year, was having major issues with Mint accessing my NAS, so I dumped it and went with Manjaro KDE This was a great OS that to my pleasant surprise, recognised the NAS right away Sadly, I had to dump it after fruitless months trying...
  4. J

    Need advice on ext4 to Btrfs

    I currently have a DS1819+ with only 4 - 4TB drives in it with data on its configured properly for me running 1 Volume (Volume 1) for all the drives. I want to change it to Btrfs so that I can use extras features like snapshot replication and active backup features. How can I do this without...
  5. K

    Advice about Synology Drive wanted

    I am still running Cloud Station and associated apps on MacOS and IOS. I have been hesitating about moving to Synology Drive as it is unclear how well it works with either of these. Specifically we have 3 macs which have different sets of user folders synced to the NAS. None of them are...
  6. Rafa08

    User introduction Newbie seeking advice on phto storage.

    Hi. Thanks for letting me sign up. I have just bought the DS220+ but not set it up yet. Should I use Photo Station or Moments, or can I use both? We have thousands of pics from our phones and cameras.
  7. mcbait

    User introduction Lazy engineer looking for easy answers and free advice

    Hi all, I divide my time between the USA and Eastern Europe. More often I'm getting locked out of banking and other websites in the US and the commercial VPNs I was using are getting rejected as well now. I tried to use a Raspberry Pi VPN server in the USA house to create a remote presence...
  8. MikyTVA

    Advice for two NAS, one for backup and one for multimedia

    Hello everyone, I currently have a computer that serves me as a server where I store backups, movies, TV series and virtual machines with Linux CentOS 7. I should buy my first NAS to move my document backup consisting of two 3TB WD BLACK hard drives and I had thought about the Synology DS220 +...
  9. R

    General Advice Please

    I retired a Windows Home Server for a DS218j (2 x WD Red 3TB in SHR) a little while back. Having started with a straight copy of data, I've been working through re-organisation, removal of duplicates & general housekeeping while still having the data on WHS. I ended up with 800GB. I then came to...
  10. A

    Plusnet Cable, Orbi MESH and PoE - advice for a newbie

    Dear Folks, I am new to Synology and very new to NAS. I am seeking a quick help to layout of NAS within my setup - see attached picture. I would like to add PoE switch and NAS cameras. So getting the NAS in the correct position with respect to Cable box and Mesh networking (Orbi) is important...
  11. Filbert

    Hyperbackup migration advice

    Hi Folks, I am replacing my old DS214play with a DS218+. I have about 1.8TB of data on the old box, mostly music, photos and PC backups. Both boxes are on the same switch on my home network. The only migration method available is Hyperbackup, which I set off over 24 hours ago and it started...
  12. K

    New tv (video station or plex) advice please

    Hi there, presently I have a ds413j with 4x 4tb wd red in shr, hard wired (cat 4) to an old Samsung TV. I primarily store 1080p films and stream them to the TV by manually scrolling through folders, or sometimes using dsvideo app on my phone (hit and miss whether it works or not). The Samsung is...
  13. Furbz85

    Best NAS for Capture One/Photo Editing

    Hi Syno-Users! I am brand new at this forum, so please forgive me for any mistakes I've made in finding the right place to start this post. I have been using the search function, but I have not found any answer nor question that gives me the right info. First the story: At this moment I am...