1. C

    DSM 7.0 After installing Antivirus Essentials 1.5.2-3071, package won't start

    DS218+ running DSM7.0. This is the first issue I've encountered with my NAS (which I love). Some package updates were available today, so I allowed them to install, but the Antivirus Essentials package won't start after the install. There is a Repair option, but it doesn't achieve anything...
  2. wizard99

    AntiVirus Essentials- Fails to Update / Fails to Scan

    I recently upgraded my DS215J to HTTPS and also began reviewing my overall security when I got the Pop-Up that my "Admin" User was vulnerable and should be Disabled... After adding a separate User for my day to day ops, and Disabling the original ADMIN account I used the Security Advisor to...
  3. J

    Synoavscan process running without Antivirus being installed

    I can see the synoavscan process running but I had uninstalled Antivirus Essentials so I can't understand how that process is running. Any ideas?
  4. G

    Antivirus Essential scan hanging - cpu & memory issue

    I am using Synology's Antivirus Essential, scheduled scans are completed Monday thru Sat. This has been the second time where I noticed my cpu and memory usage has been high. When looking at the resource manager, I notice the task scheduler "Synoavscan" has been running for almost 17 hours. I...