1. FlyingPasty

    Info APC UPS; Heads Up re RJ45/USB Cables Availablity

    If anyone is planning on buying an APC UPS in the near future, of the type which requires an RJ45/USB cable to auto-shutdown your Synology NAS, you might want to be aware of the following: 1. BAD NEWS - Apparently, APC no longer supplies these cables 'in the box' (at least in Europe, not sure...
  2. D

    APC SCL500RM1UC UPS with DS918+

    I would like to get this shallow rack mount APC for my upcoming home rack but don't know if the 918+ will detect when its on battery power and initiate a safe shutdown. I know there are some settings that need to be made in control panel>hardware & power after its connected. Any advise would be...
  3. DS418play behind my TV

    DS418play behind my TV

    DS418play, modem, RT2600ac router on top shelf, APC BACK-UPS 950VA behind NAS and some old WD external disk for backup. And a TV to hide all network stuff :)