1. jeyare

    UK working visa application for EU member

    The creative soul who creates this immigration questionnaire to get a working visa to the UK has earned a doctorate in behavioural psychology. Maybe two. But why the limit to 1000 characters? No possibility to insert images or video attachments. Does anyone at those offices really expect...
  2. E

    Threat Prevention Protecting Docker application

    Hello I am very new here and have already found some information. I have been using Synology NAS since 2015. In Docker runs an application that must be accessible from the outside via HTTPS and ReversProxy (port forwarding 443). This means that anyone who knows the DynDNS address can access...
  3. t4ir1

    Application Portal for Synology Photos

    Hello everyone! Due to high load, I have application portals set up for most of the apps. On DSM 7.0 I had to configure the application portal for Synology Photos as the one for Moments disappeared, but Synology decided to make something weird - Instead of going to the log-in page of the...
  4. NAS Newbie

    What is the point of application dashboard such as Heimdall/DashMachine/Organizr, etc?

    I've seen different tutorials for these dashboards, and I always wonder why people don't just use bookmarks in their browser instead? Are the dashboards able to be shared across users so that if I loaded a new web app, I could add it to my dashboard and then my wife would be able to see it on...
  5. C

    Auto-install Application in Synology Directory Server (active directory)

    On synology site, in this place: Synology Directory Server Package | Synology Inc. there is information about a feature called Auto-install Application. Does anybody knows how to use it with Windows work stations?
  6. skavans

    App Synology DS Manager – Download Station macOS app and Safari Extension [2020 NEW] 1.3.0

    Hey there! As you know, since Apple had broken old Safari Extension, there was no working solution for managing Download Station tasks from macOS or Safari. So it was until today because I've recently developed the modern solution. I'm glad to announce my Swift application for macOS allowing...
  7. skavans

    App Synology DS Manager – Download Station macOS app and Safari Extension [2020 NEW]

    skavans submitted a new resource: Synology DS Manager - Download Station macOS app and Safari Extension [2020 NEW] Read more about this resource...
  8. wwwampy

    Docker Heimdall - dashboard for all your web applications

    Heimdall Application Dashboard is a dashboard for all your web applications. It doesn't need to be limited to applications though, you can add links to anything you like. There are no iframes here, no apps within apps, no abstraction of APIs. if you think something should work a certain way, it...