1. DeltaGolf

    Solved Nextcloud desktop apps fail to authorise

    I think this is a Nextcloud problem but maybe I can bodge a fix on my install? Nextcloud up and running via Docker. Does the business via its webpage. Now we want the client apps to sync document to/from/with macOS desktop and iOS iPad/iPhones. Easy, download and install the app. But the app...
  2. fredbert

    App Plex Dash and Plexamp apps

    ... for Plex Pass users. Got an email newsletter about these two Plex Labs mobile apps. Dash is a mobile server manager/reporting app and Amp is a standalone mobile music player.
  3. J

    Disable 3th party apps for users

    Hi, How can is disable 3th party apps for some users. If i login as 'normal' user i can see the icon of Plex and Emby how can i hide these icons?
  4. SynoMan

    macOS, iPadOS and iOS apps

    macOS, iPadOS and iOS users! What apps (for NAS or in general) do you use or recommend for Mac, iPad and iPhone? If possible I use built-in apps on every device and most of them I like. Here are some of the other apps I like or use: macOS apps Capto For screen capture, short videos for...
  5. WST16

    Info 32-bit apps will not work on macOS Catalina.

    Check this MacRumors article if you are using a Mac.
  6. WST16

    Info More free apps I often use (iOS)

    A very nice quick free photo editor. This is my daily go to photo app in the dock on my iPad, not Apple's photo. Not sure why free! I use it a lot for quick crops, resizing, orientation, adding text, blurring and much more. I don't use it for serious photo editing, like light adjustments...
  7. SynoMan

    Info Mobile Apps Knowledge Base

    For official Synology Knowledge Base for Mobile Apps check here: Mobile Apps - Knowledge Base | Synology Inc.