1. EAZ1964

    Asus routers under attack, a factory reset may be required

    Please find the info on the asus website to protect your router, it seems fairly widespread and may give acces to your lan and NAS. ASUS Product Security Advisory | ASUS Global
  2. jeyare

    Significant attacks from Korea and Taiwan

    Today I recorded significant attacks from South Korea & Taiwan IPs only (it is still running). Over 200 IPs/hour. I haven't experienced anything like this in a long time. I analyzed it for a while (urllib.request by Py) and found an interesting thing: All of them have Synology DSM, available...
  3. SynoMan

    Info Synology® Investigates Ongoing Brute-Force Attacks From Botnet

    Taipei, Taiwan—August 4, 2021—Synology PSIRT (Product Security Incident Response Team) has recently seen and received reports on an increase in brute-force attacks against Synology devices. Synology's security researchers believe the botnet is primarily driven by a malware family called...
  4. Synology RSS

    Synology News Synology® Urges All Users to Take Immediate Action to Protect Data from Ransomware Attack

    TAIPEI, Taiwan—July 23, 2019—Synology® recently found that several users were under a ransomware attack, where admins' credentials were stolen by brute-force login attacks, and their data was encrypted as a result. We investigated and found that the causes of these attacks were due to dictionary...