audio station

  1. Shanti

    Stream to MP3 / WAV

    After update to DSM 7.0 (DSM 7.0-41890 & Audio Station 7.0.0-5068) it seems I lost my setting to choose whether I want to stream my audio to MP3 or WAV. Previously it was available in Settings > Advanced. And since I already set it to WAV previously it seems it honors that setting, but I can not...
  2. nthkmf

    How to remove track on All Music?

    Dear Bro, I've added some album to volume1/music. Then, I move it to my personal folder home/music. Audio Station cannot play the track but it still appears on All Music. How do I remove it? Thank you.
  3. P

    Audio Station doesn't stream to DLNA devices after update and reinstallation

    Hello there, I'm new here. I moved from a DS415play to a 920+. I updated the new system manually as advised. I configured everything but strange things are now happening on my network : Some DLNA devices like my Pioneer BDP-170 are no longer able to read flacs they where able to read before...
  4. ThinkYEAH

    Add radio in to Audio Station

    Hi, I'm trying to add Vanilla radio (FRESH) in to Audio Station but no luck, i tired to add these urls: But, no luck... :( Can you please help me add Vanilla Radio in AudioStation, then play music...
  5. B


    Just started with my 220+ and have the audio station app on my iPhone which does fine on my home network. I noticed the audio station came up on my CarPlay (Chevy) and was real excited to be able to access my tunes in the truck... but when I open the app in CarPlay it spins... tryin to...
  6. pajczur

    How to set up Synolog iTunes Server with new OSX Apple Music app?

    Hello, sorry I ask for it in Audio Station forum, but I couldn't find forum hat is dedicated for iTunesServer. In the google I only found tutorials from a few years ago. And they show how to setup iTunes Server with old Apple iTunes application. But from some time I don't even see in OSX...
  7. S

    Audio Server with existing mp3 library.....?

    Hello, I have a Synology 1819+ and would like to have it server up my mp3 library for access by my iOS devices and Windows PCs. the Windows PCs are on a LAN, the ios devices across the internet. I have an existing library of mp3 files, organized exactly how I like them (a human-readable folder...
  8. AdrianEarnshaw

    Indexing Folders

    Hey all, Something strange for you to get your grey matter working on. I have my music folder all setup and it is being indexed whenever I add new albums to the folder. These tracks automatically show up in Audio Station. However, I have AirSonic pulling my podcasts and downloading them to a...
  9. akahan

    An Audiostation Certificate Auddity

    Posting in hopes of saving someone else the grief I just went through. I wanted to get Audiostation to work with Amazon Alexa. (I'm in the US, where this is supposed to work; I understand that in some other parts of the world it doesn't, by design, though I'm not sure why...anyway, I...
  10. fredbert

    Info Something Audio Station can do that Plex can't

    Got an audio file and a cue sheet that identifies the tracks? Yep Audio Station supports that but Plex doesn't, and has been a requested feature for a few years. Not that it's overly gapless between tracks: which is not ideal for a concert recording. I find have a Plex library with remember...
  11. AdrianEarnshaw

    Tutorial How to automate podcast downloads with Download Station and Audio Station

    AdrianEarnshaw submitted a new resource: Podcasts and AudioStation - How to Automatically Pull New PodCasts for AudioStation Read more about this resource...
  12. AdrianEarnshaw

    Tutorial How to automate podcast downloads with Download Station and Audio Station

    Wouldn't it be cool if your Synology could pull the latest Podcast, download it to your Synolgoy box and send you an e-mail when the download is completed? Well, it is possible using Download Station and Audio Station. This tutorial assumes that you have already set up e-mail alerts within your...
  13. fredbert

    Info Apple TV: tvOS 13 and Airplay 2 from Audio Station

    I've two of the newer style Apple TV: a 4K (aka 5th gen) and the older HD (aka 4th gen). I had problems getting Audio Station to directly stream using Airplay 2 to these on the previous tvOS. It was semi-resolved by enabling PIN code access on the Apple TV's Airplay settings. I've updated the...