1. D

    Change username, keep settings

    Well, this is annoying. In an effort to clean things up, I decided to change my username amongst others. Synology Drive Client doesn't allow me to change the username for the current connection (field is grayed out). So I have to disconnect. Disconnection gives me a warning that all my settings...
  2. Micky

    Radius: Authentication issues against Active Directory

    Hi, since package Radius server does not have any dedicated forum I'm posting this here, because it may be related to Synology Directory Server, too. I'm running some Ubiquiti/Unifi access points that are authenticating against Radius server on Synology NAS. Radius server itself authenticates...
  3. SynoMan

    Guide Two-step verification

    Go to your account in Password and security: Click on a button Change here: After typing your account password click button Enable here: Follow other steps and you will enable two-step verification for your forum account.