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    Who can provide DS218 Image Dump to rescue blue blinking NAS

    My DS218 is blue blinking. It turned out, that the image on the mainboard (stored in a MX25L6433F Flash Chip) is damaged. it does still look good, but its not starting. The error mesage is different each time so no clear error. This is only 8 MegaBytes of Data, but it can not be re-created...
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    DS 918+ Status light blinking green - lost

    HI, First-time poster so please be gentle with my newness and the length of this post. My DS918+ has been running fine for 3 years. But yesterday I could not reach the unit. When I walked over to the Status light is flashing green. I have tried cycling the power, reseating the memory...
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    Synology RS2416+ BRICKED

    Hello all, glad to see this forum has taken off due to Synology's "new" forums are trash (veteran from the OG Synology forums). I have RS2416+ rack NAS that I've gotten from where I work at. This unit has already been replaced due to needing the NAS up 24/7 and couldn't wait on getting it fixed...