1. Phone Guy

    Bond ethernet connections without managed switch? Y/N

    Any reason to bond 2 lan ports if the lan is on an unmanaged consumer switch? (1gb lan). I saw a video that said enabling the load balancing without a managed switch just always floods your lan with req and stuff, making your whole network suffer in the end. Either LAG properly with managed...
  2. Robbie

    Interface Bonding & Kernel IP routing table issue

    I've got an insidious issue with my Active/Standby Bond that provides 10GbE to one switch and a fault-only 1GbE link to another switch. Mostly it works ok with links going up and down and to the DSM GUI it reports either 10GbE or 1GbE being used by the bond, depending on which link/links are...
  3. C

    VMM, Open vSwitch and Bonded Interface

    Hi All, I have installed VMM on my DS920 and about to click through but I need to enable open vswitch. As I have had a bonded interface for as long as i can remember, will this cause an issue??? What are other doing in terms of the dual nic's and setup ? Cheers capthedge