1. jeyare

    short Monday reflection

    I played a detective last night. What preceded it: - A few hours before that, I ordered an upgrade of my primary FFTx over the Internet - 300Mbps upload at the cost of the original 150Mbps - Two hours later, there was a short WAN outage because the profile was modified at the ISP. I expected...
  2. pajczur

    How to connect with DS220j while router is in bridge mode?

    I warmly welcome, I'm a little messed up. I played some tutorials, and accidentally launched Bridge mode on my router. Now I can't get to my NAS. Even cannot find it. I would like to turn off this damn bridge mode in the router, but I have no idea how to do it. I dug...
  3. B

    NAS behind a NAS

    I have two DS920+ NASs. They have two ethernet ports on them. Lets call them port 0 and port 1 on NAS #1. Lets call them port 0 and port 1 on NAS #2. NAS 1 Port 0 is and Port 1 is NAS 2 port 0 is, NAS 2 port 1 is not used. I have port 0 of NAS...
  4. WST16

    Question Synology router/ISP’s DMZ?

    A quick question please: Anyone running a Synology router connected to the DMZ of the ISP’s provided junk router (because you can’t bridge it)? What’s your experience please? Thanks for sharing.