A web browser (commonly referred to as a browser) is a software application for accessing information on the World Wide Web. Each individual web page, image, and video is identified by a distinct Uniform Resource Locator (URL), enabling browsers to retrieve these resources from a web server and display them on the user's device.
The web browser works as follows. First, the rendering engine parses CSS and HTML files. While parsing the HTML file, the rendering engine also produces DOM tree data construct where every node refers to an HTML tag, a property or a section of a text. CSS decides the visual style of the webpage based on the style rules, each of which selects single/multiple HTML tags for applying the properties. During parsing, CSS rules are extracted and corresponding data structure is constructed. Based on CSS rules and DOM tree, the style resolution unit decides the style information of the page (such as color font) by generating the render tree. Every node of the render tree corresponds to one visual component of the webpage. From this, the layout unit computes the precise screen-coordinates of every visual component. Finally, the painting unit traverses the render tree and invokes graphics libraries to actually display the page on the screen.
A web browser is not the same thing as a search engine, though the two are often confused. For a user, a search engine is just a website, such as, that stores searchable data about other websites. But to connect to a website's server and display its web pages, a user needs to have a web browser installed on their device.As of March 2019, more than 4.3 billion people are web browser users, around 55% of the world’s population. Their success is in part caused by their flexibility, due to their Turing-complete execution and powerful graphic capabilities.The most popular browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge.

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  1. G

    DSM 7.1 DSM automatic logout timer - not working

    Under security I have the DSM automatic logout timer set to 15 minutes on two NAS'. I have just noticed that this is no longer working, where it did once work in the past. I can't remember which version this last worked on (DSM 6 or 7.0) but it would timeout the browser session and prompt to...
  2. Melisbb

    Blcok Access to the DiskStation Web Interface

    Hi All, Is it possible to blocking users or admins access to the Synology web UI from browser? I want to hide or blocking Login Portal for users. Control Panel > Applications > DSM > User > Deny not working :( Control Panel > Login Portal > Advanced > Access Control Profile > Edit > IP...
  3. R

    Web Browser

    Hello, I'm searching a web browser for synology but this don't exist. Do you know if i can install a web browser on Docker ? Thank you
  4. C

    Possible to connect to DSM/NAS "desktop" environment without a web browser?

    I can't find any info on this from an online search as I just keep getting un-related results: Is it possible to connect to the DSM "desktop" via VPN (for instance) or some client like that rather than having to do it through a web browser? To be clear, I mean the gui as I'm aware that I can...
  5. G

    Won't auto. logout from DSM in browser

    Hi, after last update to 6.2.4-25556 synology dsm stops automatic logout from browser. I using chrome last release. Anyone have similar issue or I need to check my system? Thanks for any help.
  6. S

    Reverse Proxy weirdness - Different destination depending on browser?

    TL,DR; - Reverse proxies in DSM work on Safari. Firefox routes to main DSM interface. Chrome routes to router interface. DS1513+ running DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 I have several Reverse proxies setup in DSM, 1 to a docker container, 3 to apps on the DS, and one to an Apache instance on an RPi...
  7. M

    Endless login loop on NextCloud via browser

    Nextcloud version _(eg, 18.0.2)_: 18.0.4 Operating system and version _(eg, Ubuntu 20.04)_: Synology DSM PHP version _(eg, 7.1)_: MariaDB 10 Hello all, I have installed NextCloud (non Docker version) on my home Synology DSM and things have been ticking along without much trouble. Today...
  8. WST16

    Can’t access my NAS via browser

    I have a problem accessing my DS118. Something to do with the certificate maybe. Safari and Firefox give the usual warning, however, no option to choose to visit the site. Safari on the Mac says the certificate is revoked! This is the first time I see such a message! The certificate was...
  9. SynoMan

    Brave 1.0 - interesting privacy-focused browser

    Here it is: official version 1.0 launched today My main browser is Safari, also use Firefox, but Brave is great too.
  10. WST16

    DuckDuckGo browser!

    Just in case you don't know (like me). Ran into this by chance while looking for something on the AppStore. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser by DuckDuckGo, Inc. Of course it's all about privacy. And the nice thing is that it gives you an idea of what the site is trying to do with your session...
  11. iStone

    headless browser in DSM for python

    don't if this is the correct subgroup to ask, please move there if needed. ------- anyone tried above topic? would be nice to have a self-contained headless browser like PhantomJS... The current possible headless browsers like Firefox or Chrome still need a complete installation... (aka no-go)...
  12. SynoMan

    Desktop and mobile browser

    Hi, what desktop and mobile browser are you using? For desktop I mainly use Firefox, but I'd like to replace it with Brave. Brave looks great, it's fast ... It's just not yet polished, still have some bugs, it's still not version 1.0. On mobile I use Brave. Firefox is just not working for me...