1. R

    Active Backup for Business - DS418 - 64bit - btrfs - NOT in Package Center

    folks, just received DS418, set up DSM7/raid5/protection/BTRFS, loaded Package Center and Active Backup for Business is missing. can i download it? Hyper Backup downloaded but my family uses all Win10 PCs. what do i need to do? thanks, ron
  2. G

    Remove hardlinked folder sync on btrfs

    Hi. This is too bad. Probably an admin (who doesn't participate anymore in NAS administration) did a hardlink or btrfs tweak, which he didn't communicate. A folder is mirrored from one shared folder to another one. I see: $ mount ... /dev/mapper/vg1-volume_1 on /volume1/homes/mad/myData type...
  3. G

    Migrate from ext4 to btrfs

    Hello, i have a synology ds216+ with 2 8tb Disks ext4 i recently bought a ds920 and 1 more 16tb disk i wanted to move my 2 old disks to the ds920 and add the 16tb and migrate to btrfs. 1) i was afraid of directly migrating my disks so i decided to use the migration assistant. I insert the 16tb...
  4. Robbie

    Data Scrubbing - Failure to run

    Clicking through the Storage Manager this morning and noticed that the Data Scrubbing task has not been run for over a year (I know, I should pay more attention). I've triggered a manual scrub for now and the NAS is working through that task but I am still puzzled as to why the 'Last run' date...
  5. J

    Need advice on ext4 to Btrfs

    I currently have a DS1819+ with only 4 - 4TB drives in it with data on its configured properly for me running 1 Volume (Volume 1) for all the drives. I want to change it to Btrfs so that I can use extras features like snapshot replication and active backup features. How can I do this without...
  6. S

    Migrating from DS1512+ ext4 to DS1618+ Btrfs

    I need to migrate the ext4 volume on my existing DS1512+ to a Btrfs volume on a new DS1618+. The DS1512+ is SHR-1 4x3TB (bay 5 is empty) with one storage pool containing a single 8TB ext4 volume that occupies the entire storage pool. Approximately 1.5TB of the 8TB is used. I do NOT want to...
  7. WST16

    Info Trying to break Synology’s SHR+Btrfs

    A good read…
  8. EAZ1964

    Solved SSD overheating during btrfs data scrubbing

    Today my ds620 switched off after I started the manual datascrubbing. The pool 2 that was scrubbed consists of two 1.8TB SSD in SHR formatted in BTRFS. the system shut down with the warning that disk 3 reached 61 degr C. Scrubbing was at about 15%, 61 degrees is reached in just a few minutes...
  9. A

    Question Docker migration to new NAS

    Hi, i'd like to migrate from DS218+ ext4 2x6TB SHR to a DS 718+ BTRFS 2x8TB SHR. I've read a lot and understood that hyper backup doesn't make a 1:1 copy. Does it correct? What is the best way to migrate with Docker (8 Containers) and other Packages that not supported by Hyper Backup? Thank...
  10. jeyare

    Tutorial when your RAID degrade with BTRFS in Syno NASes

    One of my concern was about - What would happen when my RAID contains BTRFS will degrade? Analyze I found in official BTRFS Wiki these recommendations: RAID1 volumes - if they become degraded may only be mounted read-write once with the options -o degraded,rw. Notes: This does not happen...
  11. M

    Question Block Level Dedupe on BTRFS volumed

    I would like experienced opinions from those who have used block level deduplication to assess the benefit of running it offline on the DS3616 Having no native dedupe except the block level implemented in Business backup I figure those of us using our NAS for DAS/file serving kind of get...
  12. daptap

    Solved btrfs vs ext4

    I have a DS718+ with two 4tb drives with only one volume on each, using 1.5Tb out of the 3.6Tb available. Each drive formatted as EXT4. Was reading about the synology app active backup for business and downloaded it to see if it would work for me as easeustodo is not working well as a whole...
  13. daptap

    Btrfs and iphoto on mac

    Two questions. Trying to help my friend set up his 218+. I've set up 1 NAS before: my 718+. So, still shooting in the dark some. 1) He formatted his 4TB red drive to btrfs. I've read some old search results that windows has trouble seeing this. Should we be able to see the map the NAS...
  14. Telos

    Activating btrfs bitrot protection

    When I created the shared folder which holds my Docker image configs, I apparently missed enabling checksum protection (I'm not sure why this isn't a default for btrfs volumes... but nonetheless...). So here's my Rube Goldberg plan... Create a new shared folder with checksum protection...
  15. Imcon

    How to analyze storage ussage on Synology with BTRFS?

    I'll ask an old question: How to analyze storage ussage on Synology? The easy answer from someone not very experienced can be - use the Storage Analyzer. If you ever tried to used it on a system with btrfs and advanced data deduplication, you know that it in not really usefull. For example my...
  16. paradeiser

    Deduplication on HyperBackup target?

    Hi, I use C2 for daily off-site backups - which works great (including versioning and deduplication). As a second layer I have weekly Backups on an external USB HD as single-version (for quick access to the full amount of data if something breaks). There is a lot of redundant data, as I also...