1. D

    Active backup for business and Oracle Linux

    When IBM-owned RedHat decided to discontinue CentOS linux to CentOS Stream, I decide to move to Oracle Linux. According to the documentation. Active Backup for Business does not support Oracle Linux. Since Oracle Linux is a very popular derivative of Fedora, I tried to install the active backup...
  2. D

    Does Active Backup for Business support scheduled restores

    We are contemplating the purchase of 15-20 Windows laptops for students. To keep them all synchronized to the same base software, we thought we might use Active Backup for Business in the following way. First, configure all laptops, then back them up. Periodically, say every week on the weekend...
  3. E

    Active Backup for Business - a bare metal restore problem - help appreciated

    As I had to send my laptop to dell for repairs, I created a full system backup. In the hindsight, it is probably a bad decision. Today the laptop returns with a new motherboard. I booted the laptop with the usb drive I created before. signed in the Synology and select my backup. However, I got...
  4. David M

    Do You Used Synology Active Backup For Business ? This may be important if you do.

    I checked to see how my Synology Active Backup For Business (ABB) was working the other day and found out that it wasn't. I have two Windows PC's that both quit backing up on March 12. The short version of the longer story is that I went into the Windows ABB app and found that there was a...
  5. David M

    Active Backup for Business - can it do incremental backups ?

    I have searched all over for this but found nothing... I just started running Active Backup for Business on my DS-920+. After reviewing the folders and contents of the backups with Windows explorer, every backup appears appears to be a complete backup of my PC. Can anyone point me to how to make...
  6. R

    Active Backup for Business - DS418 - 64bit - btrfs - NOT in Package Center

    folks, just received DS418, set up DSM7/raid5/protection/BTRFS, loaded Package Center and Active Backup for Business is missing. can i download it? Hyper Backup downloaded but my family uses all Win10 PCs. what do i need to do? thanks, ron
  7. K

    DSM 7.0 Does Active Backup for Business backup MyDocuments /files from all Windows user accounts?

    Hi all, new to this forum and also new to Active Backup for Business. I watched a couple of tutorials on Active Backup for Business but one (maybe easy) question remains before setting it up, just to be sure: does Active Backup for Business make a full backup of your device (in my case a...
  8. WST16

    The worst 11 business ideas
  9. deltadata

    Does Active Backup for Business have file search?

    The last episode of "NAS Noob", I had purchased DS 220+, quickly realized that my decision lacked vision, and would not allow me to expand storage according to future plans, so I returned and purchased 920+. Life has been busy so only now getting familiar with the new 920+. I didn't spend much...
  10. C

    Active backup for business recovery creator

    I was using the Recovery media creator in DSM 7 today and noticed a glitch that may throw off a newbie. Seems that when it finishes writing the USB recovery media, Windows pops open it's media format window, "hit cancel.". Just thought it may help a newbie. Also reported it to Synology who...
  11. deltadata

    Active Business Backup and win 10 music files & deduplication

    I think I want to use Active Backup for Business as my Windows 10 PC backup tool. 1/3 of my files are music, many have the same file name and song name, but are different versions and in some cases, the only way to know is in the file details(tags), they usually have different file dates, but...
  12. X

    Active Backup for Business recovery wizard does not find a backup

    Hi, backed up a computer, trying to test a bare metal restore. + install backup agent DONE + configure backup agent, backup entire device DONE + boot from USB Active Backup for Business Recovery Wizard + log in successfully Select the device and the task list is empty although i have two full...
  13. S

    Active Backup for Business not visible for Users

    Greetings All, My understanding of ABB was that either the Admin would control all backups and then a User had access to the recovery Portal to recover as they wished. Or, Each user could backup their own areas and recover as they please. My expectation was that (2) would apply for me, if...
  14. Cobra

    Active Backup for Business "SSL certificate has been changed"

    I while ago I started using and I just found out my pc hasnt backed up in 85 days. I checked Active backup on the pc and it says "SSL certificate has been changed" which makes sense because when I go into edit connection, it is showing my IP. So I tried to replace it with...
  15. bignjato

    DSM 7.0 Active Backup for Business - Linux agent

    Hi I have a problem with connecting and installing linux backup agent. I have the same error when installing in the root folder or in the home folder. "./ line 653: ./ Permission denied" did anyone manage to install the linux agent and connect it to AB? Thank you
  16. Synology RSS

    Synology News Active Backup for Business Preview Program Participants Wanted

    Hi! All, We are glad to inform you of the upcoming release of Active Backup for Business. Active Backup for Business has been popular since it was launched last year, and we have received a large amount of feedback and cheerful user stories. Since the in-depth feedback and the empirical...