1. ed.j

    Advice BEFORE you buy your first NAS

    Not sure if there is already a thread like this, but it could be helpful to include generic advice that wouldn't necessarily come through on the acquisition advice threads. The advice I would give to someone is that if they are buying a NAS with more than two bays, and they want to use...
  2. pellery

    Help needed to buy synology rackstation

    I would like some help buying a Synology rackstation. Requirements: - Has to be a rackstation (1u or 2u preferably) - Under $1000 (Ideally new) Need: - Mainly use for backup (photos, documents mainly) - The device might not be online some of the time, since I travel for work (often days at a...
  3. SynoMan

    Info Want to buy a new NAS but don't know which one to choose? Fill out the form!

    Fill out the form with as much information as you can give so our members may help you out with your NAS acquisition advice. For the form check the subforum above: ... or in the navigation under Forms. If you have specific needs or...
  4. ThinkYEAH

    Which NAS should i buy?

    Hi everyone, Which Syno NAS you suggest me to buy for a company with following details 1. Number of computers: 15-22 2. Three HPE Servers 3. One Hikvision NVR 4. One gbit internet connection (Fiber) 5. Budget for NAS server up to $900 6. Syno NAS server can be rack or tower Never used NAS...
  5. SynoMan

    Info Read me first - Bartertown rules!

    The Bartertown forum is a place to offer personal used IT items only. Commercial listings are not allowed! All new threads must be approved by our staff members first. #1 What can I do in Bartertown forum? #2 What can I sell? #3 Can I link my offer to another site? #4 How to post a...