1. ThinkYEAH

    Which NAS should i buy?

    Hi everyone, Which Syno NAS you suggest me to buy for a company with following details 1. Number of computers: 15-22 2. Three HPE Servers 3. One Hikvision NVR 4. One gbit internet connection (Fiber) 5. Budget for NAS server up to $900 6. Syno NAS server can be rack or tower Never used NAS...
  2. SynoMan

    Info Read me first - Bartertown rules!

    The Bartertown forum is a place to offer personal used IT items only. Commercial listings are not allowed! All new threads must be approved by our staff members first. #1 What can I do in Bartertown forum? #2 What can I sell? #3 Can I link my offer to another site? #4 How to post a...