1. paradeiser

    Question Team Calendar / What's your setup?

    Currently, we use Google calendar - and that's the last service I didn't manage to move to a self-hosted solution. Mostly, because Synology Calendar lacks the ability to flag events as 'private' or 'public'. Our current setup: Each team member has his personal calendar, which is shared among...
  2. WST16

    Question Synology calendar on Android phones?

    Hi, I have Calendar configured on the DS and it shows up fine on all my iOS devices Calendar's app. How to make it work on an Android phone? Do I need a special app? I know nothing about Android, two colleagues are using them and I don't know how to make calendar entries show up on their...
  3. G

    Question Adding Synology calendar to mobile phone

    I’m testing the calendar. How do you add the synology calendar to your mobile phone?