1. S

    looking fott email and calendar client where repolitories reside on the Synology.

    i'l looking for an inexpensive email/calander client (like outlook 365) where I can keep the repositories on the Synology instead of their cloud. I need to import data from Outlook 2010, but Outlook 2010 wants to keep the repositories local. Thanks in advance. Steve
  2. C

    Calendar and domain name in Active Directory Name

    Hello, I have big problem. I maked domain in Active Directory with ex. name When I click on the CalDav account in Synology Calendar I get a URL with the path [email protected] in it. And it should be [email protected] (I had this when I had users in LDAP) As a...
  3. equinox

    DSM 7.0 Public holidays on Calendar

    Hi, Noticed that there is no option to enable public holiday calendars. Would be possible to import from a calendar file or add one by a link? Thanks
  4. C

    Note Station To-Do List and Synology Calendar Tasks sync.

    Hello, Does Note Station To-Do List have anything to do with Synology Calendar Tasks? Does Note Station To-Do List have any URL for other applications? Thank you
  5. C

    DSM 6.2 Android App to organize Tasks from Synology Calendar

    Hello, I am using DAVx5 for synchronization. I basically know two applications for changing tasks: OpenTasks aCalendar+ But they don`t perfect. I use Business Calendar for Events but does not handle tasks via CalDav. What are you using?
  6. H

    Synology calendar alerts

    I have just installed Synology calendar to try it. I have set up a direct login to calendar rather than going via DSM. I set a calendar entry and an alert, but I have not seen any alert. As this is first try of calendar I am not sure what to expect from an alert. Should I get some kind of...
  7. C

    How to open "Add to Synology Calendar" in MailPlus

    Once, I turned this popup on by accident. It would speed up my work a lot. How do I launch this popup?
  8. B

    Anything like Calendly that works with Synology Calendar?

    I'm trying to get off of the Google infrastructure entirely... anyone know of a tool like Calendly (paid or free is fine) that makes it possible for outsiders to schedule an appointment on a Synology Calendar? (Something like Calendly or others of that type.) Thanks!
  9. D

    Trouble seeing shared calendar

    Hey all.. my first post here. I have created a shared folder and a shared calendar but the other users don't see my calendar events (new to Synology). Any help would be appreciated. David
  10. T

    iCloud calendars on Synology calendar?

    Hello all, Is it possible to import my iCloud calendars into Synology Calendar so that they sync each other? I was able to import one of my iCloud calendars to Synology calendar (through .ics import), but all it could do was show the events I already have. I could not figure out how to get it...
  11. Telos

    Info Synology Calendar Version: 2.3.4-0631 Released

    Version: 2.3.4-0631 (2020-04-14) Important Note The update is expected to be available in all regions within the next few days. The actual time of release may vary slightly depending on the region. Compatibility & Installation Updated to Node.js v12. What's New Supports displaying creator...
  12. C

    Synology calendar sync to Google calendar or Apple calendar?

    Is there a way to synch the Synology Calendar to Google Calendar or Apple Calendar? Why? Amazon Alexa. We use the Synology Calendar for each individual family member and would like to link them to Amazon Alexa. Unfortunately, only Google, Microsoft, Apple and MS Exchange can be linked to...
  13. M

    Solved Initialize calendar failed; new calendar not possible to share

    Hello and good afternoon, on my DS1618 + I use the Drive with Calendar and a whole range of other packages. The calendar works, but I cannot create a new calendar or release it. A calendar "without title" is created, but instead of being able to configure it, the window closes immediately with...
  14. paradeiser

    Question Team Calendar / What's your setup?

    Currently, we use Google calendar - and that's the last service I didn't manage to move to a self-hosted solution. Mostly, because Synology Calendar lacks the ability to flag events as 'private' or 'public'. Our current setup: Each team member has his personal calendar, which is shared among...
  15. WST16

    Question Synology calendar on Android phones?

    Hi, I have Calendar configured on the DS and it shows up fine on all my iOS devices Calendar's app. How to make it work on an Android phone? Do I need a special app? I know nothing about Android, two colleagues are using them and I don't know how to make calendar entries show up on their...
  16. G

    Question Adding Synology calendar to mobile phone

    I’m testing the calendar. How do you add the synology calendar to your mobile phone?